A good computer can be pricey. But it also just might bring you the single highest return on investment out of any of your material items. Owning a reliable, durable, high functioning laptop or desktop can change your life, which is why it’s a really good idea to take good care of it, so as to maximize its use value. And when it comes to computers, the key to a long and healthy lifespan is routine maintenance, investing in the kind of consistent IT support Manhattan is known for, and learning the hacks of longevity. This is for all of the people who love and cherish their equipment and want to see it last long into the many years to come. Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know to make that happen.


Your case does more good than you even know: It’s no secret that it keeps your PC safe from trauma like getting scratched or dented. But did you know that your computer case also acts as an anti-heating device? How? Well think of it this way. The world has a lot of little stuff. Dust. Dirt. Hair. Fur. Fill in the blank. All that stuff wants to be inside in your computer. And you know what that means? That means a less functional fan, which means a lot more overheating and a much shorter lifespan for your computer. The more you use your case, the less dirty it will get and the better it will work for longer.


Clean up your desktop: Do you have a big ol’ bunch of junk, to the point that you don’t even remember what your wallpaper looked like? You may be asking yourself, How’d it even get to this point in the first place?! Yeah, well, you know. Life. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, and the sooner you clean it up, the better your computer will work. It’s like cleaning your cat’s litter box. Kind of a pain, but yields instant gratification once it’s finished. This is especially important if you own a Mac, since OS X is designed in such a way that makes desktop items take up more hard drive space than when they’re stored away.


Take advantage of the oven: Yep. Now would be an appropriate time to think to yourself, Huh?! You read that right though. If you own a Macbook Pro that may just be on its last legs, you’re are tight on money, and you don’t have the patience to wait in line at that eerie cult like place they call the Mac Store, you’re in luck. You’re going to need an oven, a bunch of screwdrivers of varying sizes and shapes, some aluminium foil, faith, hope, this guide, and a witness. Let’s do this!


Alright, so the case and the desktop, you can handle. The oven business might be a bit of a stretch for you. Would you rather just get some professionals to fix it for you? Say no more. E-Valve Technologies has the best tech specialists in the city and we’re open for business. Give us a call today at 646-564-3636 and let’s see what we can do for you.

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