We use our computers a lot these days. And as we’ve grown more accustomed to having the internet at our fingertips, we’ve grown desensitized the various cyber threats that loom behind closed digital doors. Albeit, when cyber security is at its best, you usually have little to worry about. But that entails staying up to date with the absolute latest software updates, which can be a bit of hassle considering how quickly things change nowadays. So in the interest of discouraging you from ever getting lazy and not updating your computer, let’s jump into the past and have a quick look at some of the worst viruses of the past twenty to thirty years. Let this be a warning to all of you internet frequenters out there. Get IT support Manhattan services today!


4. Melissa was a computer virus that dates all the way back to 1999, when a hacker named Dave Smith released one of the first ever phishing scams. An email was sent telling recipients, “Here is that document you asked for.” A perfectly framed piece of bait at a time when little was known of the potential cyber threats of the world. It spread fast, causing many businesses to have to discontinue their email marketing programs. One public official said the virus “wreaked havoc” on governmental websites. That was all the way back in the 90s. Now it’s 2016, and as you might’ve guessed, a lot has changed since the days of the Melissa virus.


3. The ILoveYou virus came one year later, this time in the form of an attachment bearing the words “Love letter for you.” Once opened, it would copy itself over and over and then hide in various pockets of your computer, often times replacing important documents. It also automatically downloaded WIN-BUGSFIX.EXE, a program similar to that of the modern day “MacKeeper”, posing as an antivirus program when in reality it was perpetuating the very thing it was supposed to be protecting against. It automatically stole passwords and sent them back to the hacker who created the virus, who to this day remains unknown.


2. The Leap-A virus, also referred to as the Oompa-A virus, first appeared in 2006. Anyone who owns a Mac may recall the salesman boasting the fact that Mac’s apparently “don’t get viruses”. That is, until this virus came along, which, albeit wouldn’t cause detrimental damage to your computer, but still managed to disprove the concept that Mac is impenetrable, setting an alarming precedent.


1. Finally, we come to the Stagefright virus found in Android devices. Jumping forward to the modern day, anyone who owns an Android phone should be weary of this still very present and very real threat. At this point, phones qualify as mini-computers, which means they’re just as much of a target as is your desktop computer. There was a vulnerability that was found in around 95% of Android phones allowing hackers to operate camera and storage remotely. While the issue has mostly been remedied, there still remain some devices out there that are still highly at risk.


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