When it comes to cyber security, that which makes the news is not always tantamount with what should keep you up at night. Hackers infiltrating a retail giant like Target or Lowe’s and extorting them for millions makes for a good story, but ultimately, it doesn’t really much concern you, does it? But that’s not to say cybersecurity is an issue that only threatens the big names. On the contrary, small businesses like the ones you work for are at higher risk than ever, and the consequences are far more severe to these types of companies’ futures than that of the larger organizations. This is for anyone who’s ever doubted the potential of an attack on your small business’s network. Getting IT support Manhattan services now could play a defining role in your company’s future, and this is why.


Hackerism is a trend that’s been spreading for years

There came a point in time in which the internet started advancing at a much faster rate than in years prior, at which point, so did the threat of hackerism. Jumping back to the year 2012, the number of cyber attacks were reportedly 300 times more than in the previous year. That year was not an anomaly, but rather, a precedent. It’s now four years later, and it’s a lot worse than it was.


You’re not nearly as invisible as you think you are

Smaller companies owe a large part of their vulnerability to their having lower budgets, but also to the fact that they assume that they’ve successfully snuck under the radar of looming cyber thieves when in reality they’re the first place that hackers look. It’s this sentiment that leads many businesses to fail to devote proper time and resources into developing an effective defense strategy. That’s the first mistake, which in turn typically backs companies into making a series of further more detrimental ones down the line.


Employees’ cell phones are like invitations for hackers

Consider the fact that every one of your co-workers probably owns at least one mobile device that he or she brings into work every day. And unless every single one of the employees at your company has taken the time to get his or her cell phone encrypted, they all are targets for getting into your company’s network. And since smaller businesses are less likely to provide their employees with company phones, they inherently become more vulnerable.


Social networks are less monitored

With larger companies, Facebook and Twitter typically have firewalls, partially to keep workers on task, but also for security purposes. In smaller companies, such measures are rarely taken. And while it’s always nice to have a bit more freedom as an employee to zone out for a few minutes while on the job, anyone who does so is drawing attention from malicious digital perpetrators.


Basically, if your company is producing any kind of wealth whatsoever, which, it inherently must be doing in order to remain in existence, then it’s a worthy target. And since it’s a lot easier to get into your system’s database than that of a giant, you’d best believe there’s someone out there who’s going to try it. Make sure that doesn’t ever happen to your company by calling E-Valve Technologies at 646-564-3636 today, and we promise to provide you with the best IT support Manhattan services around.

Published on 22nd June 2016 by admin.

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