As more and more companies are embracing the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policy, organizational environments are struggling to stay up to date with the latest communication technologies. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions are transforming the traditional customer service desk, among other departments, into an online service with a strong emphasis on mobility.

Selecting the optimal VoIP platform for your business is mandatory, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of this technology, like enhanced productivity, improved customer and employee satisfaction, and communication security. Let’s find out the mandatory features of VoIP for businesses.

Consider unified communication solutions

When the BYOD policy is allowed and implemented in a company, the IT department will have to work double time. Their job not only implies verifying that the employees of other departments adhere to the security protocols, but also that all the devices utilized are compatible with each other and the specs of the network. Otherwise, ensuring both effective services for your customers and job satisfaction for your personnel would be impossible.

Unified communication solutions consolidate all the forms of communication your company utilizes into a comprehensive one. To put it simply, VoIP, IM, data transfers and video conferences are all coalesced into a single communication solution. The result is that you’ll gain considerably better control and more accurate data of your operations.

Utilize simple applications with clear interfaces

The vast majority of business applications originally relied on user-centric data mining designs. In time, the design was altered to address specific niche requirements for various industries. However, the modifications to their original interface perceived necessary at the time have a tendency of over-complicating the app.

Forcing your employees to utilize an application they don’t fully understand or are not comfortable with will generally backfire, in the sense that they’ll resort to simpler but unauthorized alternatives. These apps could be riddled with security vulnerabilities and, since they will go unchecked by the IT department, they pose a threat to the safety of your business operations. Consequentially, it’s advisable to pick a VoIP app that is consistent with the technical aptitudes of your staff.


strong>Collaborate with a well established service provider

The experience and possibilities of your VoIP service provider might not appear so important in the initial stages, particularly if you’re starting out with a bare bones model. However, as your company grows and develops, you’ll likely need increasingly complex features and better technical support. By collaborating with a company that has been in business for years and that possesses the capabilities to adapt your VoIP and communication solutions to your business specifications without requiring major overhauls and investments, you can save a lot of cash in the long run.

Don’t forget about cloud support

Anecdotal evident extracted from various case studies indicates that a VoIP platform that relies on cloud hosting for the mobile application rather than the on-site network are considerably more cost-effective. The reason is that the tasks associated with equipment maintenance and servicing are handled on the end of your service provider, rather than by your IT department.

Published on 3rd February 2015 by admin.

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