Email hosting services are constantly forced to up their game in order to compete with the free alternatives provided by giants like Google or Yahoo. Staying up to the quality standards in the industry entails providing corporate customers with comprehensive packages of effective solutions capable of adapting to the ever-changing trends and technological updates. Thanks to the ultra competitive environment, small, medium and large business owners alike can afford to be extra meticulous when selecting their email host. Let’s find out what the must-have list of features consists of, shall we?

Several unique addresses per domain

Although this requirement may be evident, you’d be surprised how many email hosting providers supply their customers with a single address per domain, with the option to spend extra to acquire additional ones. That may have been the golden standard in the 90s, but it’s certainly not today. Consequentially, you should search for a host that can offer individual accounts for all your company’s departments, as well as free domain registration.

Effective anti malware protection solution

The online environment is teeming with malicious software routines that attach seamlessly to emails and are able to infect a system as soon as the recipient opens an email. To prevent spreading Trojans, worms and viruses to your work network and your client’s computers, check with your email hosting provider to determine whether their anti malware solution is effective, capable of detecting threats proactively and self-updating to the latest variant.

Support for mobile platforms like Blackberries, PDAs and Apple devices

Mobile platforms are rapidly replacing desktop workstations as the number one means of communicating with stakeholders, employees and audience. To account for this trend, be certain that the email hosting provider is capable of supplying solutions that are compatible across the board on various types of operating systems. Being unable to open your emails on the go could otherwise cost your business a great deal in the long run.

Spam filtering algorithms

Spam has been the bane of the internet era and it’s unlikely that unwanted emails will stop popping up in our inbox folder anytime soon. If you want to prevent your company’s email from overflowing with useless messages, then ask your email host about the proficiency of their anti-spam solutions. Ideally, you should collaborate with a service provider whose platform is capable of dissociating between useful emails and junk, automatically sending the latter category to the appropriate folder rather than your main inbox.

Comprehensive add-on services

Add-ons constitute a particularly powerful solution in terms of staying up to date with the requirements of your industry niche. They can help you perform any action from evaluating and analyzing incoming traffic to automating a number of previously manual tasks. Therefore, don’t hesitate to request an email hosting platform that can accommodate these little helpers, if you plan to remain one step ahead of your competition and improve client satisfaction.

In closing, remember that a large amount of storage space is also instrumental and, considering Google’s 15 GB available to every user with a Gmail account free of charge, don’t hesitate to leverage this argument in the negotiation of your contract.

Published on 22nd February 2015 by admin.

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