You’ve just about had it with the IT people. Every time you call with a problem you have to wait three hours and when you finally reach them they don’t know what you’re talking about. Sound familiar? Ready for a change? For those of you in search of a new IT consulting firm in NYC, look no further. E-Valve Technologies is the answer to your problems and here is why.


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The technicians at E-Valve Tech are the most patient and experienced computer specialists in the city. Quality customer service is our number one priority. We work day in and day out to ensure that you feel secure and well informed on all of your hardware and software related issues. Additionally, we cater our services to each individual client and his or her business.


We don’t just fix our customer’s computers. We educate and assist them in an enormous array of IT projects and activities. Our services include complete IT infrastructure analysis, business continuity planning and strategic consulting, among many others. We keep you ahead of the curve at all times, so that you can focus on your work instead of the endless distractions that come from IT neglect.


We take the necessary proactive steps to preventing problems from happening, as opposed to constantly playing catch up, costing you more money and running the risk of you losing valuable information in the process. Many of our competitors prefer to work retroactively because it forces the client to depend on them more frequently, making them more money. But at E-Valve, we are confident that our honest and hardworking staff will create enough loyalty amongst our clients that we won’t need to.


We let our top quality services speak for themselves. We provide computer repair in NYC as well as the best IT support around, allowing you to improve your system performance, eliminating downtime, which in turn saves you bundles of money. Our proactive thinking staff will prevent expensive repairs in the future by building a scalable system allowing you to increase your productivity, and transitively your company’s profitability.


If you think you could use a change, don’t wait to contact E-Valve Tech. We are a quickly growing IT consulting firm in NYC that you will be hearing from for many years to come. We’re still a new company, which is why you should get in touch soon before we become too busy. We are located in Manhattan on 1745 Broadway and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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