Symantec is among the most popular and widely used malware and antivirus programs throughout the country. It has been the go-to for businesses of virtually all sizes, from small and medium all the way up to the corporate level, which is why it’s particularly disconcerting to learn that researchers have recently discovered voids in security in several versions of the program. According to the report, researchers have found a bug has infiltrated the majority of Symantec products, which effectively leaves millions of users vulnerable to the bug and potentially further spreading it to others. It’s stories like these that shows the advantages of having an expert IT consulting services NYC team available. Because even the best and most popular programs can be broken without proper professional maintenance and surveillance.


Researchers also reportedly located the bug in Norton products. All together, up to 25 different programs between Symantec and Norton have been found to be vulnerable to the bug. The issue stems from faulty email spam filters. As a result, all the needs to be done in order for a recipient to trigger the bug is receive an email. No interaction is required. Just so long as an email enters a recipient’s inbox, the bug is able to infiltrate the system. This could reportedly be “devastating” to both companies if it’s not handled soon, said one researcher.


The fact that no interaction is required introduces a new kind of threat to enormous enterprises, meaning the implications are of gigantic proportions. Some believe this could set a precedent for hackerism that could bring down entire companies. As a result, it will be up to the IT team at Symantec and Norton to get the problem under control, or this bus could mean the end of both companies as competing cyber security brands start to rise.


The goal is to prevent the bus from ever reaching your system. That means having not just the standard, but extra tight security and a team of specialists to monitor your network at all times. Without the attention of the best in the city, there’s no telling what kinds of viruses and cyber threats could be lurking around the corner.


If your company happens to be using Symantec or Norton, it’s time to update all of your software and consider investing in some additional security measures. In addition to a tighter email spam filter, you’ll also want to consider finding a company that can give your network the attention it needs to ensure this minimally interactive bus never reaches your office.


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