Are You Looking for the Best IT & Computer Consulting Firms NYC That Will Help You Eliminate Unexpected Downtime, Interruptions, and Data Loss?

Unlike other IT consulting firms in NYC that profit from failures in your IT infrastructure, E-Valve Technologies focuses on preventing interruptions, downtime, and data loss. We are certified business partners of the most important IT firms in the world (including Google, Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, HP, Apple, and Dell), and we’ve provided top-quality IT services to increase the profitability of over 100 small and medium-sized business in the tri-state area since 2010. Here’s what we can do for you:

Computer Consulting Services NYC

Tap into the knowledge, experience, and expertise of E-Valve Technologies’ expert team of IT consultants… whenever you need to.

When you are going to execute a large, complex project… and you need a flawless implementation… we can help you. Our computer consulting NYC technical experts can build a comprehensive project plan when you need advanced networking capabilities, updated software platforms, new (or migrating) servers, custom configurations for servers, routers, switches… and almost any IT project that involves complex processes.

Moreover, we can do an in-depth assessment of your entire network infrastructure, discover existing vulnerabilities in your system, and give you a customized plan to vanquish all your computer issues before they become massive profit-reducing problems (unexpected downtime, data loss, business interruptions, customer dissatisfaction).

In addition, we can also help you select the best IT equipment for your specific goals… and we give you an expert evaluation of all the firms that sell, install, configure, monitor, and maintain your IT solutions.

If you need one of the best IT and computer consulting firms NYC to assist you with virtualization, disaster recovery, and business continuity… you can greatly benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise.

Managed IT Services NYC

Get your own IT Department (an expert team of seasoned IT professionals) for a fraction of the cost of hiring just one full-time IT professional.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an IT consulting firm in NYC to handle your day-to-day IT operations, then you definitely need outstanding managed IT services. When you decide to take advantage of our managed IT services, you’ll have the extensive knowledge of our senior-level IT professionals at your fingertips… working for your business as your “outsourced” IT department.

With our managed IT services and computer consulting solutions, you can sit back and relax while we ensure optimal network performance. First, we’ll devise a custom-tailored IT plan for your business’ needs, goals, challenges, and budget. This customized plan includes a configuration for maximum uptime, performance, and scalability… Problem-solving & prevention…proactive maintenance… automatic off-site data backupdisaster recoveryand a future-proof business continuity plan (should anything happen, this allows you to quickly revive your entire network and have your employees productive again in record time).

Additionally, you’ll also enjoy fast and efficient computer repair services. Malfunctioning desktops and laptops cause frustration, downtime, and productivity loss. A broken computer means your employees will be struggling, instead of doing their work. That’s why we have a dedicated team of IT professionals specializing in boosting your computer’s performance and repairing your desktops, laptops, and any other IT-related equipment.

Whether you need expert advice for your IT projects… or an expert team to manage your daily IT operations… E-Valve Technologies is one of the few IT and computers consulting firms NYC that possess the tools, knowledge, experience, and superior technical expertise to help you use IT to improve your business profitability. To speak to one of our IT specialists, just call (646)-564-3636 or click here

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