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You depend on the operation of your desktop computers and laptops. When your devices fail to work, frustration, downtime, and productivity loss quickly follow. That is why we have dedicated part of our pool of I.T. talent to tackling computer performance issues and provide computer repair services to both our home and business clients.

Our wide variety of computer repair services can include:

  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Diagnostic Checkups
  • Hardware Repairs
  • Network Issues
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

From computers that have damaged hard drives to computers that are running too slow to computers affected with a virus, E-Valve Technologies can provide fast and efficient computer repair services to get your computers working just like brand new.

If the computer is beyond repair, we will provide a complete assessment and not charge you anything. Instead, we will provide expert advice on a replacement computer, but you are not obligated to purchase a replacement from us.

  • We offer an onsite computer repair service for both our business and home clients.
  • Our IT technicians are trained and certified.
  • We are insured and guarantee our services.

Is your computer slow or broken? Give E-Valve Technologies a call today at (646) 564-3636 or send us an email at info@evalvetech.com

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