Most small business owners often do not know where to start especially when it comes to data security. Some don’t even devote to doing it. It is not a must for you to wait for strict penalties to be put in place by your government or other bodies on matters relating to security. Here are great data security tips to help you protect your small business:

Identify sensitive data

There isn’t one single company that does not talk about their sensitive data; this includes employee personal information, consumer credit card details and financial records among others. You need to make sure that you know where your sensitive data is stored; whether on servers, computers or laptops. Also, make sure that adequate security exists at all levels.

Control access

Once you are aware where this data resides, you need to know who has access. Don’t just give it to anyone, not even your IT administrator. There shouldn’t be access to all your data without oversight. It is imperative to keep records about those who use data, as well when and how they use it. This way, a trail will exist if files are compromised or go missing. Always make sure that you limit access in order to prevent unintended disclosure of info by staffs using personal mobile devices or social media.

Do not ignore mobile

Today, more mobile devices find their way in the workplace and as a result, employees will keep both personal data and work on their phones. Because the same employees don’t have enough security measures that are put in place to prevent attacks, there will be a potential threat to your data. You want to create a solid at-work policy to curb this. And there are many options for handling mobile data; you may want to implement virtualization technology or secure applications that will split a device into two different, equally secure parts.

Consider cloud

One thing you should note is that security of your data has to start with you. And because cloud systems come with great features, don’t just relax thinking that you are now safe from problems. Take advantage of off-site-backups as well as cloud provider agreements to not only limit chances of attacks but also have somewhere to roll back in the event a disaster strikes.

Encrypt your data

If you see the need to keep your data onsite, always make sure that you encrypt it. Many applications, security suites and databases often offer data encryption services. You want to use secure encryption techniques so that even if your business information is stolen, no one can easily compromise it.

Secure your network

You should note that in a small office, one of the easy ways to do business is to use a wireless network. Don’t leave it unsecured. Make sure it has a password and implement WPA2 encryption.

Hire the right IT help

It is very important for small and medium enterprises, as well as the big boys to hire a dedicated IT professional company to manage their security issues. When you get IT consulting from industry experts, your business will be able to grow without worrying about the IT obstacles that will hinder your growth!

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