Maintenance is everything when it comes to computers and neglect will cost you in the end. This could not apply more to your motherboard and processor, as they are the most important pieces of hardware in your entire computer. Disrespect them and suffer the consequences. Here’s how they work and what to do to keep them running smoothly.


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When it comes to PCs, the pieces are all communicating with one another. The motherboard is what facilitates the communication of everything and the CPU stores the programming. So when one thing doesn’t work (but especially the motherboard), the whole house of cards can collapse. Replacing either one can run you a steep bill, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we’re going to tell exactly how to diagnose it yourself, so you can save yourself a headache later on.


First and foremost, turn the computer off and disconnect all of the cables from behind the computer. Do not touch anything inside until you are sure that the computer is completely disconnected. Then open up the case and have a look inside. Then touch a metal surface to ground yourself. Reconnect the cables and restart the computer. You should hear a beeping sound if the motherboard detects what’s wrong with your hardware.


Now you have to do a bit of research. Go ahead and look up the motherboard manufacturer’s website to find your computer’s model. This will allow you to figure out which beep code you heard so you can find what hardware is damaged. Once you know what device the motherboard has indicated as malfunctioning, your next step should be to check whether there is any visible damage to it, and moreover, whether it has been properly installed.


If you’re having motherboard issues, you may want to get professionally managed IT services, as this could be a serious issue that you don’t want to mess with on your own. Nevertheless, if you’re feeling brave, you can refer to this guide to walk you through the procedure.


If you don’t feel you’re equipped to DIY, or if you suspect there’s a problem with the motherboard or processor but are not hearing any beeping, then you may want to contact IT support in NYC. E-Valve Technologies has top quality computer repair in New York. Our technicians have the most experience of anyone in the city and we offer our IT Services for the right price. Contact us any time.

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