Your company’s future is too important to be left to chance. – Get a disaster recovery plan.

Disasters can strike anytime and anywhere. You probably even know of a few businesses that have died as a result of storms, power outages, fire, flood, or criminal activity.

Your business needs to show resilience in the face of disaster. This resilience gives confidence to your vendors, investors, customers, and employees.

Don’t let unexpected interruptions take you by surprise! Get a holistic disaster recovery plan.

E-Valve Technologies can prepare your business to tackle a disaster and allow your organization to resume your normal operations quickly.

E-Valve Technologies will design a custom plan for your organization that will help you withstand any unexpected situation that impacts your technology’s vital functionality.

According to DR Benchmark, only 14% of outages are weather-related, while about 50% of outages are caused by network or software malfunctions. Part of a holistic approach to disaster recovery is a solid proactive monitoring and maintenance program. Talk to one of our E-Valve Technologies team about our managed services program. Avoiding disaster is always better than dealing with disaster.

How do our disaster recovery services benefit your business?

  • Absolute control of data and applications
  • Avoid downtime
  • Leverage off-site backup and virtualization assets if your physical server fails
  • Continue operations at another location if the situation requires
  • Keep investors, vendors, customers, and employees happy and engaged during a time of uncertainty
  • Preserve your investment and the future of your business

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