Software can perform different tasks on a computer system, so it forms the heart of these systems. And there are several of them, each charged with specific task. If you want any software for your computer system, you first need to know what it is used for even before you ask the prices. Some of them come in handy in performing the normal business operations and others are great especially when it comes to disaster recovery. Below are some of the different types of software available:

Inventory management software

Just like the name suggests, this type comes in handy in tracking materials and goods in an organization and it does this on the basis of quantity and quality. It helps greatly in optimizing the flow of goods and organizing inventory in order to improve customer service. There are different vendors that offer such kind of programs, so you can do your homework if you want to find the best.

System software

This one runs the computer hardware and the entire computer systems. This refers to operating system which comes with servers, device drivers, utilities and windowing systems. It helps you in abstracting away from memory, hardware and other internal complexities of your computer. And it is because of the operating system that you are able to execute high level programs.

Utility software

The other name for utility programs is service routine. This software helps in the management of application software and computer hardware. Some examples of utility software include virus scanners, system utilities and defragmenters among others.

Programming software

Perhaps, this is the most commonly known type of software. It comes in the form of different tools that assist programmers in writing a computer program that make computer systems to perform certain tasks. These tools include compilers, text editors and interpreters.

Application software

This enables end users to accomplish a number of specific tasks. Educational programs, business programs and databases are some of the forms of this type of software. Other examples include the word processors. These ones are dedicated to do some specialized tasks that are performed by users.


These are malicious software that poses as threat to computer security. Spyware, worms, Trojan horses, computer viruses and scareware, are all malware. They replicate themselves and can spread from one computer device to another over the internet or network. And some of these programs can monitor your activities on a computer and steal information without your knowledge. They can cause black or blue screens, slowness in operations and even delete some of your information. You need to invest in a good antivirus program in order to curb these threats.

Data recovery software

Also known as data backup and recovery programs, data recovery software provides functionalities that are beyond simple copying of the data files. It supports user needs when specifying what items are to be backed up and when to do so. It also helps in the retrieval of the backed up data. Some sophisticated data recovery programs have the capability to retrieve data which appears to have been lost completely. In order to be safe especially when disasters strike, it is imperative to have a good data backup system in place, so you can always be sure that you have somewhere to roll back to.

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