E-Valve Tech offers skilled and patient IT consultants NYC residents are in need of? By a show of hands, who here has a technologically challenged parent? Think back to the last time you had to explain to your dad how to update his software. Now just let that moment sink in for a minute or two. When you’ve been asked for the 9000th time how to do something as simple as send an email, sometimes it’s hard to keep composure. You’re not alone.

For what it’s worth, here’s Amy Schumer fitting into one four-minute video all of your frustrations from the countless parent/child technology tutorials you’ve undoubtedly had to give over the years.

Look familiar? Well, in case you’ve reached your wit’s end, let this be your wake up call. This does not have to be your reality! You have other options! The next time your mom asks how to turn on the computer, just direct her to the IT consultants. NYC is full of untrained moms and dads with exceedingly impatient kids. What else would tech support be good for if it couldn’t take that stress off your hands?

Maybe the above is a bit harsh. After all, our parents raised us, and they come from a different time. We’re not saying they don’t deserve our attention and respect. And sometimes, yes, it can’t hurt to take five minutes out of your day to help fix the settings on the iPad. Comedian Aziz Ansari captures that sentiment perfectly in his hit Netflix series, Master of None, which can be viewed for free in the link below  (Skip to 1:55 to get to the part that addresses the generational divide caused by technology).


In the scene, the protagonists’ father asks him to fix his tablet’s settings so that it makes ‘ding’ noises as reminders throughout the day. He had just recently forgot to pick up relatives visiting from India because the tablet failed to notify him. The protagonist then proceeds to say he’ll do it later because he had already made plans to see a movie with his friend. The episode then proceeds to show all the struggle his father had to go through to make his way out of an impoverished neighborhood in India all the way to the futuristic city of Manhattan, just to be told by his son that he doesn’t have time because he wants to see the previews of a movie.

Again, sometimes, we should all just bite the bullet and lend a helping hand. But sometimes, there really just isn’t time. Wouldn’t you like to have a resource to turn to in the event that you genuinely are unable. Not to mention the problems that you actually can’t solve yourself. Sooner or later, your parents are going to stump you, which is exactly when you will want to have the number handy to your local IT consultants. NYC is a place of the future. Help yourself and your parents be a part of this technologically excellent world. Call E-Valve Tech today at 646-564-3636.

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