The U.S. Department of Justice filed a report trying to convince a judge to unlock the encrypted I phone to one of the San Bernardino shoppers. Their goal was to create a great marketing strategy. A senior Apple executive responded by speaking with reporters about anonymity. He argued that the Justice Department was unjust for arguing its case in the media before Apple had a chance to respond.

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This has been a big battle between the Obama Administration and Sillicon Valley over security and privacy issues that happened earlier in the week. The FBI is looking for help from IT companies to find the shooter “Syed Rizwan Farook’s” phone by disabling some of its pass code protections. The company now has three extra days to prepare their selves.

Some apple workers think that this case should go all the way up to congress and not a courtroom. Other apple employees are surprised that this happened in the U.S. and not in another country. The U.S. government didn’t mandate specified penalties for the company, and the Justice refused to comment about further action they will take.

Prosecutors are wondering why they decided to file legal action even though Apple has not yet responded. The clash between Apple and the Justice Department has made its way all the way to the police department.

A court date has been scheduled for March 22nd. The Justice Department said its Friday meeting was a response to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s public statement. The two senior Apple executive said the company tried many things including sending engineers with FBI agents to a WIFI network that would recognize the phone and begin an automatic back if it failed.

The two sides have been going against each other since Apple said it would offer strong encryption default on its services in 2014. E-Valve technologies make sure you don’t have to go through things like this in the future. We specialize in matters like this and help you recover lost data and memory. We have been in the IT industry since October 2010. We work with small to medium sized businesses to optimize your individual site. We also provide 24/7 Help Support, so you can have a peace of mind knowing that your doubts and questions will be addressed in a timely manner. Contact us today! 646-564-3636



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