Do you always want to stay updated with the current IT trends? Do you want to be able to understand what your customers are talking about? How do you stay ahead of your IT staff and guide them well? Well, here are some ways where you’ll be up to date with the latest topics without having to worry about spending too much time.

Ask questions

By asking questions from your staff or even your customers, you will know the areas they are concerned about and that gives you coverage on what topics you should read up on when it comes to their needs. When you ask effective questions that sometimes can really be very simple, you will unravel issues that you as an IT industry leader have to solve so that your IT company can soar to new heights.

Use apps to stay updated

  • AP Mobile News app: It lists the top things in the Business News, World News, U.S News, Politics and etc. that you should know.
  • BBC News app: Differs from the US in terms of content. Have items like Business, Technology, Science and Environment and etc. The difference between news in the UK compared to the US is that it is quite insightful and can way beyond what you read. For example, like football. BBC’s bias is fairly mild but can be slightly biased towards events which impact UK.
  • CNBC app: It often revolves around financial news and generally gives Breaking News, governmental releases or Top Stories. It may have a lot of articles but it is one of the fastest to pick up manufacturing numbers, company earnings releases and unemployment.
  • USA Today: USA is a lightweight news tool. It often reflects news that were broadcasted yesterday or the day before. Handy for those who are always constantly busy and have little time to catch up on the old news.

Figure out what you want to do and with whom

  • Go through the to-do list: Use a to-do list app that will be able to share information across devices and a browser. Add follow up to-do’s as well based on interesting things found in below sources
  • Look at the calendar: Stay up to date with the latest happenings.

Cast a wide net and get a factoid or two

  • Twitter: Make a list of companies and people to follow based on your company, industry and customers.
  • On This Day feature app: This app is just for fun where it allows the readers to know some interesting events that occurred on this date as well as famous people who were born or died. (“Did you know today is Elvis Presley’s birthday?” or “Did you know the first Venus transit in modern history occurred on this date in 2004?”)

Read what your employees and customers are likely to read

From what we’ve read from above, it is more of current events than strategic thinking. Thus, it’s always good to always inculcate the habit of reading whatever sites or publications that your customers and business users often read. By doing so, you can have a perspective on a topic when it comes to you from your CFO or CEO.

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