Recent news regarding cyber security has raised eyebrows, leading many to reach out to their local IT consulting firms. NYC in particular is a place that is especially sensitive to such matters. The latest is in reference to a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California in early December 2015, where a man and his wife together murdered 14 people and injured 22 more in his workplace. There was also reportedly an attempted bombing but the authorities managed to successfully prevent it from detonating. In the aftermath, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that one of the perpetrators owned an iPhone that could have contained vital information pertaining to the attack that had just happened as well as to potential future attacks.

The problem was that the phone was encrypted with Apple’s state of the art security defenses, which led the FBI to request from Apple the information needed to hack into the phone. This led to controversy, as Apple refused to provide said information on grounds that it would set a negative precedent. On the one hand, matters of national security are always sensitive, often to the degree that civil liberties have been suspended. On the other hand, it’s no secret that there are a number of government agencies that have been known in the past not to respect the privacy of American citizens.

Once it was clear that Apple would not play ball, the FBI resorted to hiring a professional hacker, who managed to successfully break into the phone and dismantle Apple’s renowned security encryption features. The following question was whether the FBI then had a responsibility to inform Apple of how the device was hacked so that the issue could be addressed. According to the latest available news, published in the Wall Street Journal, the FBI has declined to inform Apple of the relevant information.

With such security gaps having been publicized by national news outlets, the shortcomings of Apple products now is no secret, meaning that if you own an iPhone, you could be at greater risk than ever of being hacked. Apple products are renowned for their security measures, especially in comparison to their biggest competitors. All Apple products are encrypted, whereas statistically close to none of the world’s Androids are upon initial purchase.

As it stands, it seems even iPhone owners will soon need to consider investing more attention into finding the right IT consulting firms. NYC IT support groups at E-Valve Technologies are among the best in the business. Our technicians are all experts in their respective fields who follow the latest in tech news so as to ensure the very best IT security measures available. We not only offer mobile device management, but also cloud services, proactive maintenance, virtualization, and more. We also take our customer service extremely seriously, because it is in everybody’s best interest that any and every interaction ends with all parties feeling satisfied. If you think you could benefit from a bit of guidance in how to protect your personal information, give us a call at 646-564-3636 or feel free to reach out on our contact page.

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