Google, one of the top and most profitable companies in the world announced yesterday that it would create a custom machine type for its computer engine infrastructure. This gives developers a chance to design their own information to meet individual requirements. This change is designed to allow businesses to save money by paying for only the service they need, rather than having to choose from other sources. E-Valve technologies can also help you save money by providing services in the following areas it consulting services NYC, it services NYC, it support Manhattan, computer repair NYC, it consulting firms NYC, it support NYC

With Custom Machine Types, users and developers can build anywhere from 1-32 vCPUs which can add more memory to your computer. That means you can add up to 6.5 gigabytes of memory per vCPU. (1 gigabyte=1.074 gigabytes). This feature is already doing very well for many companies like Wix. The company saw an 18% percent savings on compute bills the media platform.

Google first released the program in November but announced that it’s available to the public on Wednesday. Custom Machine Types works with many different operating systems like CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu flavors of Linux.  Developers can also bring their own Linux to Google Computer Engine and still use the feature.

Developers can now save money with the many different options from Google.

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