When it comes to IT Maintenance Support in New York for Healthcare providers, the following groups have tapped into this vital service to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the top of the list, you have Urgent care groups, Hospitals groups, Surgery groups, Obstetrics and Gynecology groups.

Healthcare groups immersed in state-of-the-art technology, with system backups, cybersecurity monitoring, Cloud storage, 24/7 around-the-clock protection, and HIPAA compliance; the need for IT Maintenance Support is evident.

But what you may not know, hidden among those providers, there is another health care group, emerging on the scene looking at expansion, reducing costs, and concern for their IT systems. The umbrella group, we are referring to is Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy clinics with 5-10 locations and 20-40 users, under single ownership.

Now traditionally this field of practice has been very slow accepting new technologies over the years. You see it with single clinic and group clinic ownership. But with mounting pressure from:

  • patients wanting to know is their personal and medical information protected
  • mandatory HIPAA compliance requirements from the federal government
  • threats of being hacked from a cyber-attack and having files stolen

Multi-clinic group owners are proactively looking to incorporate IT Maintenance Support from companies like E-Valve Technologies, to address these concerns. Firms like E-Valve provide Expert Business Tech Support, IT Consulting & Managed IT Services both in New York and New Jersey.

But What Has Kept The Single Clinic Owner Lagging Behind?

We could easily say, budget constraints or apathy. But in all reality, there is no sense of urgency adapting to change and bringing in new technology advancements, for a single location clinic. There is absolutely no doubt IT Maintenance would improve overall operations even for a sole clinic owner.

But in the past, a Physical Therapist would find a location, hang out their shingle, and open their private practice. From that one single building, they would serve their local clients. The office manager would maintain and guard their client’s personal information at the office and all IT maintenance, if any, is done in-house.

So, for this small segment of the industry, IT Maintenance Support might not seem needed, and why single clinic owners lag behind. The only time it changes is when a Business Technology Specialist, from a firm similar to E-Valve Technologies, can show the sole clinic owner, how the upgrade reduces costs, improves efficiency, and increases the location’s profit margins.

Now IT Maintenance Solutions Makes Sense And A Business Model For Expansion Can Follow

Even though physical therapy clinics and therapists have taken their time to jump onboard the new advancements, modern technology doesn’t sit still. It continues to revolutionize this field of Healthcare Recovery and opens new doors for creating multiple clinic group expansions.

Adopting the new IT Technology, a therapist will no longer be tethered to one physical location, to meet with recovering patients. These modern-day physical recovery practitioners are now set free to attend to their clients at one of their multiple group clinics, making it easier for the patient to meet with them.

With IT Maintenance Support, their new-found freedom, flexibility, and mobility, the opportunity to open 5-10 locations, in a single region, is no longer a dream and extending their patient outreach program becomes fun again. Separate site ownerships can now look at creating multiple clinic group locations while guarding client files.

With advanced technology and IT Maintenance Support from companies like E-Valve Technologies, providing Expert Business Tech Support, IT Consulting & Managed IT Services, that same single location therapist – now unshackled from that one location.

Here’s What Clinic Group Owners Discovered With E-Valve Technologies Client Tailored Services

Forward-thinking clinic owners discovered a few interesting things about their new-found technology support, which has increased business, reduced downtime and saved on IT costs.

  • Stronger patient records security
  • Easy to use patient and public-facing technology
  • Ensuring that EMR/PMS/EHR/HIS software functions seamlessly every time
  • Having regulatory compliance in-check, with the Joint Commission and HIPAA regulations

The E-Valve Technologies team specializes in supporting and maintaining your healthcare practice’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management Systems (PMS) through our fixed-cost, unlimited IT support & consulting service from our Parsippany, New Jersey-based network operations center.

IT Maintenance & Server Monitoring Services

Our server monitoring and care, using special software to track and analyze your network activity 24/7 for anomalies, allows us to investigate when alerted to a potential issue within your system, across your group of clinics.

  • Identify potential issues right away
  • Address vulnerabilities immediately
  • Make informed IT choices – from monitor reports

It wasn’t too long ago; Physical Therapists wondered how the Internet would play a role in physical therapy. Now their profession wonders how they functioned without it for, so long. How beautiful would it be, if you only needed to focus on patient rehabilitation and care, instead of struggling with constant IT maintenance and issues? We can make that a dream come true!

E-Valve Technologies – Equipping you with the latest in IT Maintenance Support, productivity, security, and compliance solutions. Let E-Valve Technologies help you focus on patient rehabilitation and care, instead of frustrating technology. Contact us today at (646) 564-3636 or info@evalvetech.com

Published on 16th June 2018 by Michael Garrido.

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