A data breach can bring about heavy damages. These damages, although some might be repairable, can cost you a lot from lost revenue to lesser customer confidence and can go as far as giving your brand bad publicity. Information security compromised by cyber-crime will then continue to be a growing threat to your business. In this regard, you should learn how to protect your company’s assets through information security. Here is how you can do that.

You should know if you are a cyber attack target

While cyber crime might just happen anywhere, you have to know whether you are one of the targets of these attackers. Verizon Enterprise Solutions showed a data stating that 37% of these breaches occur or affect financial organizations while 24% were more focused on restaurants and retail environments. Some 20% of these intrusions take place in the transportation, manufacturing and utilities sectors. Do not forget that even IT companies are not exempted from this breach. Whether or not your business is a potential for this crime, you always have to be vigilant.

You should establish controls within the organization

Business continuity is at all times important not just for you to gain profit but for you to have a steady set of customers to serve. This cannot be achieved if your assets have been compromised that is why it is important to establish controls that include monitoring traffic that comes in to your network and managing employee access at the same time. Along this line, risk assessment should be made making sure that all business functions are relevant to your organization’s operations.

Security strategies remain to be integral in business operations

Protecting your company’s assets in this day and age that cyber-crime attacks anyone would involve the use of security strategies. These strategies go way beyond your corporate responsibilities but are definitely essential in carrying out your operations at all times. You have to remember that these assets include all relevant information that you should not compromise. With an intact security policy, these assets can be protected at all times. Strategies would include using firewalls and relying on intrusion prevention systems that can secure all relevant data in the workplace.

Use malware detection platforms

Aside from the security strategies mentioned above, there are also malware detection platforms that are all vital in examining files that come in through either USB or the Web or email. These ones can work side-by-side with other threat management tools that run on your PCs or desktops. The good thing about these insider threat tools is the fact that they can actually trace for potential threat in the future. They come with special features that help extract new indicators thus vitally helping with intrusion prevention.

An information security training program would help

Keeping those assets protected should also include training corporate employees as well as those belonging in top management when it comes to IT security. It is crucial that these programs should be done yearly. With these programs, employees will be trained to detect advanced and persistent threats.

Involve IT specialists in the process

If you want a better way to protect your company’s assets through information security, nothing beats the help that IT specialists can provide in the process. You can always rely on our technical expertise not just for detecting threats but in managing your company’s assets as well.


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