If your work requires the use of a computer, and in today’s day and age virtually all of them do in one form or another, you have a responsibility to recognize your vulnerability. All computers for all industries and businesses, local and global, are at risk of being hacked. That goes as much for the small neighborhood marketing company as it does for gigantic corporations like Sony. Regardless of the scale of the company, a hack could lose you a tremendous amount of profit, and in some cases could potentially put you out of business. That’s why it’s on you to protect your information as best you can by following these tips.

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Back everything up: One day everything is fine, the next all you’ve worked on for the past six months has disappeared. Your company, depending on its size, could be producing anywhere from megabytes to terabytes worth of data. Cover your bases ahead of time and prevent your company from going out of business.


Divide up the computers: In the event that someone manages to break through your security, the last thing you want is for them to be able to get any and all of it in one fell swoop. One strategy, used by governments, is to make half the computers unable to access the Internet, or any risky sources that could potentially give imposters access to your data. Then have the other half of computers available for use, connected to a secured cloud. This way, in case there is any confidential or sensitive information being circulated, it can be separated and properly secured.


Install latest antivirus and use firewalls: You’re going to want to use a solid program that can protect every computer in the office equally. AVG and Bitdefender are two strong systems, but do your research as the field is always changing. Do some research and invest in the best one. Sometimes it’s better to spend a little extra for the sake of security. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can get help from us.


Get help: Just installing antivirus isn’t enough. You also need a professional to monitor the system for abnormal activity, an unusual amount of bandwidth used, and of course, viruses. The sooner you catch the problem the better, which is why it’s always good to have someone who’s job it is to keep eyes on everything.


It’s worth it to just take care of it now. Because if you don’t, there’s really no telling how much you could stand to lose. If you want the best IT support in NYC to watch over your operating system, look no further than E-Valve Technologies. Give us a call at (646)-564-3636, or send us a message via email.

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