Time is money and outages are imminent. Every minute lost to a network outage means money lost to a lack of proper maintenance and crisis aversion. There are in fact best practices, although few people ever follow them and most pay the price because of it. But you don’t have to be one of those tragic victims of IT neglect. You can be the person that saves your company bundles. Half the time the issue is not even an external threat, in which case, here is what to do:


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Monitor: Any time you intend to make a change to your network, that is, if you plan to make any updates or are looking to install an application, make sure your network is properly monitored before making the changes. Set up security alerts so that in the event that there is a problem, the IT support in NYC can respond quickly and effectively.


Keep tabs: Keep records of major changes to your network. That pertains to hardware and software. This allows you to keep things simple, making it easier for the IT support in Manhattan to trace the problem’s inception.


Communicate: In the event that you do need to make adjustments to your network, it is always good to inform the system owner of any changes you plan to make prior to making them. This allows you to know of any risks going into the procedure and also gives them proper information if not everything goes according to plan. Communication is key.


The precautions for external attacks, be they hackers or natural disasters, are a bit more complex, but nevertheless completely within your capabilities. Follow these best practices to stay on top of your game:


Firewalls: If someone really wants into your network, firewalls are not going to stop them. That said, if you don’t put them up, you will be all the more vulnerable. So take care of this step or you’ll regret it later.


Keep an eye out: Get familiar with your system so that you can spot an abnormality from the get go. One indication of an attack is if there are high connection counts and high CPU bandwidth being utilized. If you’ve thoroughly covered all your bases these things should automatically alert the IT services in New York.


  • Flow based technology: A deep-packet inspection provides you with a live feed of network traffic, minimizing the time it takes for you to spot an intruder.


  • HIRE A GOOD IT CONSULTING FIRM IN NYC: Assigning the necessary security responsibilities to the right people allows you to be more productive in your day to day because you will no longer have the burden of having to worry about your network. Instead, you can occupy your time with what you were hired to do, as opposed to losing hours to computer repairs.


Life is too short to be wasted on tedious network maintenance and computer repair in New York. By looking ahead and contracting with seasoned professionals, you can remove that burden entirely. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Published on 12th January 2016 by admin.

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