One of the few things that irk Mac users the most is when their laptop is operating at a frustratingly slow speed. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can speed it up again. Just note that a precaution to take is that you might want to remember to back up your data before you proceed on any type of computer repair.

Clean the hard drive

A simple trick you can try is to clean your data on the existing drive first instead of replacing the hard drive. This might help because your Mac for work is probably cluttered with applications and files which you no longer use or need. If you can’t remember what apps you might have downloaded, it’s high time you delete them to get back some drive space.

Add more memory

Since you have replaced the hard drive on your MacBook, it is a good time to add in more memory as well. Adding memory into your Mac is an easy and straightforward method. It will also bring about a faster performance.

You would need to find get the right type of memory that will fit your MacBook model. Always check that you are buying the correct type, amount and speed for your model. If you are still unsure, you can always use the Apple support page as a guide where it provides a list of the memory specifications for each model as well as a tutorial as to how to replace the memory.

Replace your hard drive with an SSD

An old-fashioned spinning hard drive could be hindering the performance of your MacBook and thus a change is needed. A brand new solid-state drive (SSD) might just be the solution in improving its performance.

Stay current with the OS X

Apple constantly has new versions of the OS X and what’s great is that they offer it as free upgrades. No reason why you shouldn’t stay current. The new versions of the OS X offer security improvements and performance enhancements. This ensures that your MacBook has data protection and allow it to run smoothly as well. Don’t ignore OS X update notifications that are ready to install and check from time to time on the updates tab of the Mac App Store for any OS X updates.

Reduce login items

Another reason why it could be slow to start up is probably there are too many applications to open up. It leads to lagging and it wouldn’t be able to load the OS efficiently as well. Many applications often open by default automatically when it starts up.

A trick to stop is to go to System Preferences >> Users and Groups. Click on the Login Items tab and you will see a list of apps that will be able to open when you reboot your Mac. Choose the apps which you don’t want to open when you restart and then click on the minus-sign button below.

Repair the computer

If all else still fails, you might want to service and repair your MacBook. At E-Valve Technologies, we are capable of repairing all brands of computers such as Apple, IBM, Sony, Dell and many more. We offer quality computer repair services for the best value for money. Furthermore, if the computer is beyond repair, we will provide you with a complete assessment and device replacement advice for free!

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