Today, more and more businesses are moving more of their real time communications to build and deploy applications as well as cloud systems with the help of IT companies. They are even integrating real time functionality into workflow applications and even CRM systems. Below are some of the tips you should consider if you want to have a competitive advantage and secure the future for your business:


In 2015, the trend still continues and many organizations are jumping on the bandwagon. And as there is a continued improvement in things such as data center infrastructure, software, servers and IP networking, the cost benefit calculation is really becoming less fuzzy and the risks associated with it, less extreme. It is time to embrace virtualization.

Cloud computing

When it comes to the cloud computing, you really have to do some mathematics in order to get it right. The costs as well as the benefits associated with private cloud, public cloud or the hybrid approach need to be determined because economics change with time. Large organizations are now forecasting hybrid solutions based on locations, types of users and applications to be used.


You will note that mobile is no longer an option. In fact, it is a mandate. Today, there is greater acceptance of mobile working and computing, innovative software and stronger enterprise policies in place. The truth is that time has come to rethink the definition of mobile, so don’t wait any longer.

Software defined networking (SDN)

SDN is going places today. Businesses are implementing it because it eases effort that is associated with things such as distribution of applications, Moves-Adds-Changes, policy applications and ensuring compliance. One thing you should know is that moving to software defined networking is not a small decision, but the rewards are similar to those of cloud and virtualization, and can be significant with the right strategy.


Today, everything is moving to software and cloud, hence there are more opportunities for businesses to capture data. This may include applications such as call recording which can be stored and then retrieved later on. You want to make use of algorithms that can help in improving business outcomes in near real time.

Application development

Are you thinking of staffing? Look for developers as well! Today, there are advents of cool technologies which your development team can take advantage of to integrate things such “RTC” into ERP, CRM and social network. They can also build special applications that will help your business to operate more efficiently and even serve your customers better.

Disaster recovery

One thing you should always focus on is business continuity even at a time of disaster. Today, there are many options for businesses to keep their teams connected, and this does not even need a scramble should disaster occur. And because there is a wide range of options when it comes to quality, features and pricing, it is budget time! You also want to improve your bottom line. Think about what you have today that could help you improve upon, come tomorrow!

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