IBM is known for bitcoin and financial transactions, but now they decided to offer a cloud-based service to allow developers to set up block chain networks and test and release related apps. IBM announced many black chain-related projects on Tuesday, including service for Bluemix Cloud. Developers can now access “DevOps Tools” to create, deploy and monitor applications on the IBM cloud. This makes things much easier for consumers.

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Blockchains are distributed records of events with each block containing a hash which connects to the previous block similar to a chain. Blockchain make it difficult for hackers to access your personal data. You can just change or fake transaction because you would need a password for all the blocks. “In 12 Seconds” by IBM helps save your business a lot of time because now you can do more at once. You can have your first blockcahin sample up and running in no time.

Users and businesses can now start integrating IBM’s Bluexmix cloud service with other services. IBM predicts that companies will start using blockchain technology in many different ways creating more opportunities and ways to expand. What about the people that is always on the move? Blockchain technologies can make it possible to use their services while walking in street or in the bus. It is an easy way to test and deploy related apps.

You can even track a package and find out exactly if the product was tampered with or damaged. How cool is that? This will allow users to have a peace of mind knowing that they are constantly aware of problems during the course of the day. A shipping company could track a refrigerator and find out exactly where it is and even the temperature.

IBM will also allow barcode scanners to be used with their products. Right now, they are thinking about new ideas like potential use for blockchains in the car insurance industry as more Tesla cars hit the streets. IBM is also planning to expand to London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo to develop connections with other countries.

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