Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their productivity. However, there is one incredible tool that is extremely underused by most business owners and managers – the tablet. Most people use tablets more for consuming data rather than creating data. Here are a few ways to increase your productivity by using tablets.

Lose the games

Games are a great way to relax and most people play a range of games on their tablets, from simple ones like Angry Birds to full-blown games like Pro Evolution Soccer. However, if you look at the amount of time you spend on games and how long you spend working, you will notice that the tablet is more suitable for work than playing games. So when you are ready to focus, lose the games and leave some space on your tablet for more useful apps. The games are a distraction anyway.

Install work-friendly apps

Your tablet comes with some pre-installed apps like the clock, calendar, and email functionality but you can get these from your phone too. You tablet has more capability. All you need to do is visit the app store and you will find an array of useful and business friendly apps.

For instance, you can download Dropbox. This app allows you to synchronize your data with all your devices and share them with colleagues. Suppose that before you left the office, you were working on something on your desktop. When you leave, you can continue working on it since through Dropbox, you can access the file from your phone and pick up from where you left.

You can also install Skype. This app allows you to engage your team live via a group call. With the app, you can have group meetings on the go and the best part is that you can see each other! You can also share files with your team using the app. There are several useful apps; all you have to do is browse the App Store and pick what suits your needs.

Organize your home screen

Sometimes, your tablet may have too many apps. This may prove counterproductive if every time you want to use an App you have to search for it among the clutter. You can dedicate your home screen to business related apps for easy access.

Buy a Bluetooth keyboard

One of the reason most people do not use their tablets for serious business is because of the lack of a physical keyboard. The on-screen keyboard is good for doing light work like surfing and sending emails. However, when it comes to typing out a document it is inconvenient. You can solve this problem by simply getting an external Bluetooth keyboard. This will make your experience with the tablet even better and increase your productivity. With time, you will be so hooked to the tablet that you will even forget about your laptop!

For security reasons, you may want to secure your tablet using a Mobile Device Management tool. You can also talk to IT experts about this tool to ensure your data on the tablet is as secure as the rest of your files in the office.

Published on 28th March 2015 by admin.

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