Innovation. — It’s the “X factor” that is drawing Orthopedic groups and practices in New York City to engage the IT services of E-Valve Technologies.

In the Big Apple, there are dozens of top-shelf IT service and support companies. They all know their stuff, so in choosing an IT support partner, it comes down to the small, but highly significant details.

Let’s ask the questions –

Is your orthopedic practice or organization looking for standard IT service or superb IT service?

Do you want a company that drives efficiencies within your business with a finely-tuned application of innovative approaches?

The answers are obvious, aren’t they?

When given a choice, Orthopedic groups are partnering with E-Valve Technologies – simply because we have the experience needed to solve problems with innovative thinking.

What Problems Has The E-Valve IT Services Team Solved For Orthopedic Groups Recently?

Recently, an organization representing Orthopedic surgeons reached out to us to make an assessment of their internal IT processes and put together a proposal for continuous care for their IT environment.

What we discovered was:

  • They were growing and couldn’t handle the IT maintenance in-house any longer.
  • They were working with older servers and outdated technology – limiting their ability to harness the efficiency available through newer instrumentation.
  • They were using Linux and wanted the flexibility of Microsoft.
  • They had 100 employees, but no help desk solution to answer their technology questions and respond to troubleshooting requests.

After our assessment of their technology and consultation with their organizational leadership, our team leveraged the following innovative IT tactics and services to provide them with an efficient working environment.

  • We gave them monthly, subscription-based, comprehensive IT support encompassing all their technology maintenance, monitoring, and management.
  • We upgraded their older Linux servers to Microsoft Windows Servers. This switch allowed them to take advantage of the business-centric integrations available from Microsoft.
  • We used the virtualization power of VMWare to lower their electricity and hardware capital costs and to drastically improve their ability to work from any device or location securely.
  • We provided a fully-managed Help Desk of friendly IT technicians available 24/7 to answer their employee’s IT questions and to respond to any unforeseen technology events.

Orthopedic Surgeons Rely On Technology More Heavily Than Ever Before.

Recent advances in digital software solutions have allowed medical professionals to reap significant advantages.  In an industry where safety and accuracy are paramount, access to the latest technological tools to enhance and improve orthopedic surgery will significantly increase these outcomes.

The bottom line is that innovation is key to the success of IT services for orthopedic groups.

Traditionally, when determining what systems to include in a busy orthopedic practice, the cost is a secondary factor.  Practices heavily weigh patient outcomes above all else.  For example, early prototypes of robotics systems provided improvements but weren’t quite up to the task required to justify their exorbitant price tags.

Dr. Kamal Deep wrote in the publication Orthopaedics Today that, “Historically, robotic equipment was used in the early 1990s, but initial prototypes were large and had their limitations. Modern technology has grown and allowed surgical robotics to move forward; present-day equipment remains complex, but is simpler to use than it has been in the past. As new technology is developed and new tools are invented, robotics will play a much larger role in orthopedic (sic) surgery.”

With the orthopedics world now ready to embrace any technology that will increase efficiency and enable better patient outcomes, what is the way forward with IT services for orthopedic practices and surgery centers?

Two Emerging Technologies for Orthopedic Practices and Surgery Centers

Since technology is intended to simplify procedures and improve outcomes for patients, most orthopedic companies are eager to give it at least the old college try.  IT services for orthopedic surgery centers and private practices focus primarily on two main industry-specific streams.

  • Robotics—Robotics is an exciting technological advancement which provides excellent benefits to orthopedic surgery. While robotic arms will never replace flesh and blood surgeons in the operating room, they do have their place. The use of robotic arms enables surgeons to increase their overall accuracy through pre-programmed mechanized assistance. As with all technological systems, robotics technology takes time and practice to utilize successfully.  Companies like E-Valve that specialize in IT services for orthopedics provide strategic technical guidance to ease the IT side of the transition to robotics-assisted surgeries.
  • Navigation—Navigational technology systems provide your practice with the tools to map the human body via software imaging. Through the use of screens which intuitively reflect the correct anatomy of the patient, surgeons gain visual perspective as to the use of their surgical tools for the desired orthopedic outcome. Computer-assisted navigation offers more precise solutions to aid in reduced invasive procedures and improved recovery times for patients.  The learning curve for navigational technology is less steep than with robotics; however, a quality team specializing in IT services for orthopedic groups can help your practice implement and maintain these tools.

The Innovative IT Support Model That Orthopedic Practices Need

While orthopedic practices love the promise of new technology to aid in patient outcomes, busy practices need more than software designed to assist with surgeries.  The day-to-day running of office operations is best managed by a team with expertise in IT support for orthopedics.

The E-Valve team of IT professionals brings an impressive array of IT support services and solutions to their work with NYC Orthopedic groups, surgery centers, and individual practices.

Problem-solving innovation for NYC Orthopedic groups is just the tip of the iceberg. Our IT specialists work with individual practices and surgery centers to provide proactive, continuous IT support.

Want to know more about E-Valve’s IT support and IT services for Orthopedic and other healthcare businesses in New York City? Check out more healthcare IT articles here.

Published on 7th March 2018 by Michael Garrido.

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