If you’re having extensive IT-related issues that are hurting your profits (including broken computers, network downtime, data loss, business interruptions, and expensive repairs)… or you’re going to execute a complex IT project and need the assistance of an expert team that provides outstanding IT services New York… then you need to know about the benefits of joining a partnership with E-Valve Technologies:


Managed IT Services: Enjoy the benefits of having an elite team of seasoned IT professionals working for your business (at a fraction of the real price).


Imagine having a complete team of experienced IT professionals devise a custom-tailored plan focused on your business’ needs, goals, challenges, and budget. If you don’t have your own full-time IT staff, you can take advantage of our managed IT services to make them your outsourced IT staff. On the other hand, if you already have your own IT staff, then we can work together to ensure your network’s performance is excellent at all times (especially during emergencies… and complex, large projects).


Having the support of our seasoned IT professionals will also help you eliminate computer problems that cost you time and money, because we use software agents to track and analyze your network activity around the clock… and when any system or function fails, we receive an emergency alert and start working on the solution immediately. Often, we’re able to solve these issues remotely… and we do it before the real problem occurs. Besides, every month you get a comprehensive (but easy to understand) report that shows you potential problems that could affect your network… and what to do about it.


IT Consulting Services New York: Tap into the extensive knowledge of highly-qualified senior-level IT professionals, anytime you need to.


As IT consultants, our job is to use our expertise, insight, and experience to unearth the best strategies to boost your network’s performance and help you reach your goals. Throughout our careers as IT professionals, we’ve discovered what really works… and we possess the knowledge and hands-on experience to create effective solutions for the most demanding IT requirements.


Cloud Services: Host your data and applications on our enterprise-grade data centers (connected by a high-speed private network)… and save up to 50% on your IT infrastructure costs (no need to spend money on expensive hardware, software updates, IT equipment & server maintenance, full-time IT staff, and energy costs).


Our cloud-based IT services allow you to safeguard your data and applications in a cutting-edge, high-security environment… and have complete, lightning-fast, unrestricted access to your data (and other needed applications) at any time, from anywhere in the world. Moreover, your data is fully protected against almost any disaster – including flood, power outage, fire, or man-made disasters.

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