Poor network performance leads to financial losses for your business. An underperforming network means data loss, costly maintenance and repair, business interruptions, low productivity, unexpected downtime… and this severely hurts your business’ profitability.

However, you can finally get rid of all these profit-erasing issues and enjoy unparalleled system uptime, performance, and cost-effectiveness… all because of E-Valve Technologies’ proven IT solutions. If you already own your servers and IT equipment, you can take advantage of our managed IT services to keep your network working perfectly…or… if you want to store your data on fully secured enterprise-grade data centers (connected by a private high-speed network), then you can take your business to the next level with our cloud services. Here are the benefits of joining a partnership with E-Valve Technologies:

Benefits of E-Valve Technologies Managed IT Services NYC

  • Have your own expert team of highly-experienced IT professionals working for your business (for only a fraction of the cost). Instead of hiring – and maintaining – a full-time IT staff… you gain access to an elite team of senior IT professionals that will become your own IT department. (Most of the time, the costs of top-notch managed IT services NYC are significantly lower than the costs of having a single full-time IT professional on your staff.)
  • If you already have a full-time IT staff, then we can help you successfully plan and execute large (and complex) projects… and virtually guarantee a flawless implementation. In addition, our IT consultants can work with your IT staff to ensure your network performance is optimal 100% of the time.
  • Receive a custom-tailored plan devised for your specific needs, goals, challenges, and budget. Our seasoned IT professionals know that every business is different… and we take advantage of our extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise to optimize your network’s performance.
  • Fast and efficient computer repair services. Unless it’s a hardware issue, we can solve your problems remotely (taking malfunctioning computers to a computer repair shop is a waste of time and manpower. Usually, the IT technicians aren’t carefully screened, and that’s why we read a lot about data breach issues in the news.)

Benefits of E-Valve Technologies Cloud Services

  • Host all your important data and applications in our secure enterprise-level data centers… and access your data from any place at any time, faster than you ever thought possible. (Moreover, your data is 100% protected with multiple backups and military-grade encryption, so it’s almost impossible to lose your data.)
  • Your cloud is available at all times. Our cutting-edge data centers are shielded against power failures, hardware failures, internet outages, flooding, earthquakes, and almost any other disaster (natural or man-made).
  • Even if a disaster does happen, you’ll have your own flawless, future-proof custom plan to guarantee you can resume your normal operations immediately. However, if your network is having bigger issues, our system can take over as a virtual server… so your business can continue its normal operations until we solve the bigger issues.
  • You don’t need any IT-related infrastructure. This means no more expensive hardware and software, no more costly maintenance and repairs, lower electricity bills, and zero overhead.
  • Since you no longer need to maintain a powerful network running 24/7, you can use those resources to invest in new lucrative projects.
  • You can start small… and add new features, applications, and computing power to your cloud after your business starts growing massively (instead of following the highly expensive process of upgrading your old servers and IT equipment).

Additional Benefits

  • Automated Cloud Backup Services: Our systems automatically back up your important data, you don’t need to do anything.
  • Proactive Maintenance: We use specialized software to track and analyze the activity of your network, so we can easily identify (and correct) any issue before it becomes a large problem.
  • Data Recovery: If you ever lose your data, you can be sure we’ll be able to recover it. We have one of the highest recovery rates in the NYC and NJ areas. It doesn’t matter if your hard disks are burnt, corrupted, or physically damaged.

Without doubt, the benefits of joining a partnership with E-Valve Technologies are indispensable to ensure your computer problems won’t become data loss, unexpected downtime, interruptions in business, and costly repairs. To take advantage of this opportunity to end your costly and frustrating computer problems, just call (646)-564-3636 to speak to one of our IT specialists.

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