Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That applies as much to the people in your life as it does to your PC. The better you treat your laptop, the better it will treat you. If you neglect to perform the proper maintenance on a consistent basis, it will punish you, as it should! We know you’re busy. We all are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a bit of time of out your week just to ensure everything stays up and running as it should. So in the interest of maintaining a long, healthy, and fulfilling relationship with your laptop, here’s what ya gotta do in order for it to keep on trucking like new. ScanDisk and Defrag are the two main programs that you need to run. Run these and your laptop will run faster. Additionally, you should also consider taking the additional measures of finding an IT support Manhattan based company you can rely on.


Microsoft ScanDisk will check your hard drive for any errors or issues. Keep in mind that this is going to take a bit of time. Several hours, in fact. That length will vary depending on if you have a lot of errors, how many of them there are, and how much stuff you’ve got packed into your hard drive that needs scanning. Also, make sure you close everything before running it, or you’ll slow the process considerably. No listening to music or playing games while it works its magic. If you’ve got an older version of Windows you should put your computer into Safe Mode. To run the scan, go into My Computer and right click the local hard drive. Then select Properties, then the Tools tab, then Check Now in order to check for hard drive errors. Finally, provided everything goes uninterrupted, your computer will restart and the scan will be complete.


Disk Defrag is a free disk defragmenter software that, like ScanDisk, is designed to make your laptop run faster and smoother, like it used to when you first got it. Go to Program Settings and set your Disk Defrag in order to tell your computer to ignore large file fragments. For smart file placement, you can also use Defrag and Optimize mode weekly. This will automatically move your system files to a part of your disk that is faster. It’s a quick, effective, and easy means of optimizing operations on your PC. DeFrag has a super fast engine. It’s totally free. It’s easy to use. And it’s a standard go-to for technicians throughout the industry. Ask any expert and he or she will most likely tell you that DeFrag is a safe bet.


In addition to the continually growing list of do-it-yourself security and troubleshooting measures one can take, it’s also very important that you include professionals into the equation. E-Valve Technologies provides its clients with the very best possible IT support Manhattan can be proud of. We will keep your system safe and running smoothly. No matter what kind of IT service you need, be it for a PC or Mac, we’ve got solutions. Give us a call today at 646-564-3636 to set up an appointment.

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