Life in New York is hectic and constant. Nowhere is downtime more costly than in the Big Apple, where businesses go to either flounder or flourish, depending on efficiency, quality and if they have well managed IT services. In a place like New York, one simply cannot afford to have a poorly functioning network. So if you’re in the market for finding the best IT consulting firms in NYC, took a look at what E-Valve Tech has to offer. No matter the problem, our techs will have the solution. See below a list of our benefits and services:

Seasoned Team of IT Professionals

Not having the proper IT department in your business is like a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later, your system is going to crash and the longer it’s down means the longer you’re not doing what your boss is paying you to do. E-Valve Tech offers the best technicians in the industry, ensuring optimal network service at all times, so you can get the job done right.

Proactive Maintenance

Most businesses will only fix the immediate problems with no regard for the future. This is due as much to laziness as it is to the fact that it’s more profitable for clients to require more repairs. But at E-Valve, we have confidence that we can earn your confidence and loyalty with our foresight. We take preventative measures in order to ensure your system runs optimally for the maximum amount of time, saving you time, money and stress.

Comprehensive Business Continuity

We provide custom-tailored business continuity plans for each client that will allow the network to perform like new again, even in the event of a disaster. We have backup virtual servers if there’s a crash. This gives you the opportunity to resume working, playing, watching, reading, etc., while we fix the problem and get your own server back up and running. We also have pristinely crafted disaster recovery and cloud backup programs if you experience a crisis with data loss.

Ongoing IT support and monitoring

Believe it or not, your computer is under constant attack. The only reason it doesn’t shut down right in front of you is because of how well it is protected. But the tech industry is a malleable thing and if you don’t adapt you will pay the price. But with the right monitoring and security measures taken, you can keep all viruses, malware, spyware, phishing sites, etc. at bay.

Take advantage of our expertise. E-Valve Technologies is a quickly growing IT services company that employs only the very best. Stellar customer service is our number one priority and we are eager to help you through any and all IT issues. Call today at (646)-564-3636 to learn more about our managed IT services in New York.

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