High Productivity Meets High Mobility!

Let E-Valve Technologies enable your business for a mobile economy.

Your employees already use mobile devices to connect to your business network. In our fast-paced business environment, the ability to work wirelessly and remotely is a competitive necessity. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes a security downside. Every avenue into your business network is another opportunity for a security breach. Let us fix that for you! E-Valve Technologies provides you with mobile device management solutions that are guaranteed to keep critical data away from prying eyes.

E-Valve will enhance the security of the smartphones, laptops, and tablets connected to your network, while simultaneously protecting the critical data of the business.

How do our device management services benefit YOUR business?

Besides eliminating potential security threats that could result in stolen data, our solutions provide complete control over all the connected devices.

  • Easily Manage and register mobile devices
  • Seamlessly Improve organization of devices
  • Filter and Find the data you need in a matter of seconds
  • Access Reports that allow you to analyze departments and employees
  • Enjoy Significant Savings via a controlled policy implementation
  • Relax,  everything is secured with SSL-encryption

Why choose E-Valve Technology to manage your mobile devices?

  • Security for your data
  • Integration with your network
  • Accountability for your employees
  • Productivity with shared applications

Learn how mobile device management solutions can save your business time, money and resources. Contact us today.

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