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An ongoing debate over privacy from the government is heating back up in the midst of a new legal battle, this time involving WhatsApp, a wildly popular international free texting and calling application that was purchased by Facebook for a gargantuan $22 billion in 2014. The nature of this latest case remain undisclosed by the Justice Department, but the controversy first ignited following Apple’s refusal to release information from the phone of the shooter at the San Bernardino terrorist attack in early December of last year.

The reasoning behind Apple’s refusal was that it sets a precedent and reveals secrets to the government that could provide them with the personal information of millions of Americans. If given to the wrong hands, some believe the implications could be disastrous. Not to mention those with Apple devices living in other countries. Indeed, while the NSA has its only fair share of controversy for intruding on ordinary people’s transactions and interactions, there is also the possibility that other governments who are also known for spying on their citizens to demand such information as well.

iOS, the Apple operating service, is known for its practically impenetrable encryption codes, which has caused virtually all malware to target Google products instead. Specifically, about 97% of malware today targets Android. That’s due to the fact that only 10% of Android products are encrypted compared to the 95% of iPhones that apparently cannot even be hacked by the American government.

There appears to be potential for encryption to be criminalized to a certain degree, although as it stands, that seems to be a losing battle, as such measures would only penalize those interested in protecting the privacy of American citizens and not those with malicious intent. While the act would allegedly make officials more effective in preventing terrorist attacks, the negative implications are too great.

As a result, the tech behemoths that seem to be running the world these days have announced their plans to take measures to improve their encryption coding, as opposed to dialing it back. In other words, Apple standing its ground in the midst the shooting in California has seemed to set a positive precedent, which in turn has led Google and Whatsapp to follow in their footsteps.

For the moment, those are the cold hard facts. But with each shooting, explosion, or any other incident deemed to be the work of terrorists either here in the US or in Europe, will lead to a return to these debates. How privacy will look in the generations to come is anybody’s guess.

In any case, regardless of encryption laws, it is always a good idea to take whatever precautionary measures you have available to you. In this case, that means doing your research, covering your bases, and most importantly, hiring a specialist and finding the best of IT consulting firms. NYC is the perfect place to do that. Contact E-Valve Technologies today at 646-564-3636. The more prepared you are today the less any of this stuff will matter to you. With the right professionals, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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