Keeping Problems Away is BETTER than Constantly Fixing Problems!

The average small business spends 6.4% of its revenue on technology—but 80% of the cost comes after the initial purchase. Acquiring new technology isn’t nearly as expensive as keeping it performing well. Our remote monitoring tools, back-office services, and software options provide cost-effective IT management to make sure your systems operate efficiently and deliver a positive return on investment.

IT Maintenance & Server Monitoring Services

Our server monitoring and care, using special software to track and analyze your network activity 24/7 for anomalies allows us to investigate immediately when alerted to a potential issue within your system.

  • Identify potential issues right away
  • Address vulnerabilities immediately
  • Make informed IT choices – from monitor reports

Our preventive maintenance service for desktops monitors and addresses common problems experienced by desktop users.

  • Get rid of viruses
  • Block spyware
  • Install patches
  • Combat cyber-intrusion

We handle it all—in the background, while your employees remain productive.

Do your employees use phones and tablets at work?

Companies today are looking for efficient, secure ways to incorporate their employees’ personally owned mobile devices into the workplace. We have answers! Our mobile device management solutions are the fast, comprehensive way to get devices configured for company access and to ensure that your organization’s data is secure on smartphones and tablets.

Get out in front of potential IT issues that will drain your business of money and productivity! Contact E-Valve Technologies today at (646) 564-3636 or and ask about our Proactive IT Maintenance Program.

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