For certain people, calling tech support is in the neighborhood of going to the dentist’s office on the list of dreadful activities. Then again, let’s not forget that your computer issue won’t get resolved unless you make the call. If you count yourself among those who dread the idea of contacting tech support, then here are some tips to make the experience less painful.

Note down the problem

Before you do anything else, make sure you’re prepared to explain the issue that you’re experiencing. While you may not have too much time on your hands, it would be wise to note down several details about your problem. Details in this case refer to when the problem started, what error messages – if any – you’re seeing, whether you’ve tried troubleshooting the PC, so on and so forth.

Communicate clearly

Many people seem to forget that unless you can communicate the problem, tech support won’t be able to offer feedback and help you out. Therefore, instead of just shouting at the person on the other end of the line that you want your IT problem fixed now, you stand to gain more by calling from a quiet area and talking slowly. In the event that you’re contacting tech support via chat, then refrain from using texting language, catch phrases and too many emoticons.

Be specific

While you might be aware of the problem you’re experience, the tech support staff isn’t. Therefore, your job in this case consists of telling the whole story in as much details as possible. For instance, instead of ‘my computer stopped working’ you could say something like: ‘when I hit the power button, a blue light and an error message showed up on the screen for a second and then it turned off. The computer appears to repeat this each time I try to boot it’.

Repeat the details

Because the tech support person isn’t in the room with you, it is highly advisable to repeat the details to avoid frustration and confusion. What this means is that if tech support is guiding you on how to fix your problem, step-by-step, then it might be a good idea to repeat them. This way, they can be certain that you understand what they asked from you and that you completed the requested steps.

Refrain from getting emotional

Even though the step-by-step guide provided didn’t help your fix your problem, keep in mind that getting angry or emotional doesn’t solve anything. In fact, all this does is lengthen the time you need to talk to the tech support person and get you even more frustrated. At the same time, remember that tech support didn’t design the problematic software or hardware; they’re just there to lend a hand based on the information you’re supplying.

Remember to get a ticket number

Nowadays, all modern tech support groups utilize some sort of ticket system to track issues reported by customers and clients. Therefore, the person on the other end of the phone will note down your issue and details in a log, so that you won’t have to waste time next time you contact them. Don’t forget to ask for this ticket number, so that the next person you talk to can pick up right where you left off on the previous call.

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