When your organization reaches a point where its existing IT infrastructure no longer supports its business needs, consider adopting cloud services—IT services that are delivered to your organization through the internet, replacing traditional servers and IT services that your organization uses for its daily business processes. Cloud services are more flexible and affordable than traditional IT services and will grow with your organization as it matures.


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business continuity


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Using dedicated servers and cloud servers integrated in a seamless, fully-automated platform, E-valve helps you blur the line between physical and virtual, to move your ideas into reality. Our data centers and network points of presence—all connected by a high-speed private network—mean your cloud is available when and where you want it. Deploy public cloud instances with exceptional features in as few as five minutes.

Our organization understands how critical it is that IT systems are available at all times, and how costly IT hardware and services can be. We’ve developed cloud services that are affordable and scalable, fully managed virtual servers that provide your organization with the processing power it needs for its critical business applications without the price tag associated with traditional hardware.

Our cloud servers are fully managed and include system and file backup, patch management, remote monitoring, event log tracking and technical support.

With us, your organization will have access to cutting edge server technologies without the cost of purchasing the hardware and software or worrying about budgeting for replacing technology.

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