We can never be over prepared as disasters can strike at anytime and anywhere. Your business needs to show resilience even when your IT systems are experiencing outages. And don’t think that outages only happen to areas with bad weather or areas more prone to natural disasters. According to DR Benchmark, only 14% of outages are weather related while about 50% of outages are actually caused by network or software malfunctions.

When it comes to disaster recovery services, E-Valve Technologies are not focused on just the recovery itself. In fact, we will help you to become resilient so that disaster recovery is kept only as a last alternative for your business.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Also known as a business process contingency plan or a business continuity plan, a disaster recovery plan will delineate how an organization can tackle a potential disaster. Disasters are events that can make normal functioning impossible, and a disaster recovery plan will prepare all the measures to take so that the aftermath of a disaster can be minimized and the organization can resume their normal operations in the fastest time possible.

For those without a disaster recovery plan, E-Valve Technologies can make sure that we design a custom plan for your organization which will be flawless and future-proof. Even those who already have an existing disaster recovery plan, are you sure that your plan will work? We can help to test your current IT disaster recovery plan so that it can be improved to withstand any type of adverse situations.

How do our disaster recovery services benefit your business?

E-Valve Technologies can bring you absolute control over your data and business operations with a complete backup and recovery solution. Here are some of the benefits we can deliver:

  • Avoid any downtime caused by hardware or software failure
  • Avoid any interruption caused by human error
  • Leverage on a local appliance if your physical server fails
  • Recover specific databases or files back to operation servers at any given time

Why choose E-Valve Technology as your disaster recovery services provider?

At E-Valve Technologies, we understand that quick recovery time can prevent data loss. Besides that, we know it is never enough to just prepare for recovery as consistent backup efforts have to be maintained. We are fully committed to help you meet regulatory requirements stipulated in privacy laws and keep your information assets secure. By working with E-Valve Technologies, you can be sure to:

  • Do business with a service provider who values your time and solve problems fast
  • Gain support from a certified IT partner who has a team on IT experts with top industry experience
  • Get 24/7 assistance from our help desk support
  • Benefit from our flexible solutions that can be customized to your organization’s needs
  • Enjoy highly competitive rates that can fit your IT budget

Talk to us today about your IT needs and let us show you how we can make your business more resilient with our powerful solutions. You can certainly rely on E-Valve Technologies when it comes to disaster recovery!

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