The most important part of your business, besides your employees is your data. Yet each and every day companies go out of business because they did not have time to do one simple process, backup the data properly. Our secure and reliable, off-site backup services take the worry out of backups of your data. Compatible with mobile, home office users as well as corporate customers, our service provides complete and accurate backup of your company’s data in our secure offsite computer vault system.

Automatic Cloud Backup Services

Our systems back up your data automatically or with minimal user interface, depending on the service you choose. Data backup is long-term and can be scaled for the average PC user through the small business user to large corporations.

Off-site Backups & Data Protection for NYC & NJ

In many cases, businesses and organizations storing large amounts of files are doing so unnecessarily, and those who do not retain a large amount of records are discarding important information that should legally be retained. Our document management and records storage services are designed to help determine which of your files to maintain, how long to do so, and how to legally dispose of them when the records are no longer needed.

Losing data is a nightmare. At E-valve, we strive to make sure that never happens to you. Let us protect your critical systems and files with our multiple backup options including image-based solutions featuring bare metal restore, allowing you the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

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