Irrespective of the field and industry, we understand that your employees do utilize mobile devices to connect to your business network,as well as work wirelessly and remotely. Because connecting to the company’s network from remote locations also leaves room for security breaches, E-Valve Technologies provides you with mobile device management solutions that are guaranteed to keep critical data away from prying eyes.

What is mobile device management (MDM)?

Mobile device management platforms are software utilities designed to simplify securing, monitoring, deploying, handling and integrating mobile devices into a network. The primary function of the MDM is to enhance the security of the smartphone, laptops and tablets connected to the network, while protecting the critical data of the business simultaneously. In addition, the platform helps you optimize the functionality of the gadgets linked to the company’s network.

How do our MDM services benefit your business?

Besides eliminating potential security threats that could result in stolen data, our solutions provide complete control over all the connected devices. The other benefits you can enjoy by selecting the E-Valve Technologies’ MDM platforms include:

  • Easily manage and register mobile devices on the company’s network
  • Organize devices, models, phone numbers and many more assignments seamlessly
  • Find the data you need in a matter of seconds, thanks to the advanced filter technology and innovate search function
  • Management has immediate access to customized reports that allow them to analyze departments and employees
  • The MDM can help bring significant savings via a controlled policy implementation
  • All data inside the network is secured with the SSL-encryption, so system administrators get peace of mind

Why choose E-Valve Technology as your MDM service provider?

At E-Valve Technologies, we acknowledge that businesses can change at a rapid rate, be it via expansion, product and service evolution or economic cycles. To stay on top and guarantee a smooth transition, your company requires a solution that allows it to add new operating systems, mobile devices and even new locations, at any time.

This is exactly what makes our MDM platforms the ideal choice for small businesses run bymanagers who are constantly trying to figure out innovative ways to grow their business. In addition to reaping the advantages of an adaptable and scalable mobile device management platform, working with E-Valve Technologies means that:

  • You will have a certified and reliable partner that can provide expert support for your business
  • You will do business with a service that values your time; in fact, we are proud to announce that we have a 22-minute average resolution time
  • You can rely on a trustworthy company that provides 24/7 assistance (help desk support)
  • You can be certain all issues are handled in a professional manner via our in-house intelligent remote monitoring and management platform
  • You will benefit from solutions that address and manage IT related challenges for your business

Contact us today and one of our amiable consultants will be more than happy to discuss how our mobile device management solutions can save your business time, money and resources.

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