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If you have lost valuable data on your hard disk or any other data storage medium, we can certainly turn things around for you.

E-Valve Technologies understands the value of your company’s data, the importance of keeping your data secure while it’s at our facility and the paramount role of a fast turnaround time. Not only do we promise a quality service, our company has also recorded one of the highest recovery success rates in the NYC and New Jersey area.

Why choose E-Valve Technologies as your data recovery provider?

Our team is committed to bringing you quality IT services and support that allows you to improve your business operations and reduce downtime. By choosing E-Valve Technologies as your data recovery service, you can be certain that:

  • You will recover data from your hard disks irrespective of the issue (defective or burnt motor and pin, formatting, accidental deletion, etc.)
  • We can recover your business’ data from any type of SATA and IDE HDD.
  • Your company’s data is recoverable regardless of whether it was stored on a desktop or laptop.
  • You will receive a free diagnosis and quotation within 24 hours after you have contacted us.
  • Our experienced staff possesses the skills and knowledge to recover lost data from flash drives, memory cards, DVDs and CDs

Data recovery process at E-Valve Technologies

Regardless whether the data was accidentally deleted, or you have heard unusual noises coming from the HDD or you simply can’t access the data storage medium, here are the steps that our specialized teams are trained to follow:

  1. Evaluation
    Our representatives will ask you to provide them with as much information as possible regarding the incident or suspected cause of data loss.
  2. Diagnostic
    Based on the information provided, our staff offers you an estimation of the cost and the duration of the process for data recovery.
  3. Data recovery
    Recovering lost data via specialized techniques and using top quality equipment.
  4. Delivery of the recovered data

Transferring the recovered data to a storage medium of choice and sending it back to you.

E-Valve Technologies can recover data in any of the following situations

  • Accidental hard disk formatting
  • Corrupt RAID 5
  • The hard drive is not detected in the bios
  • Virus infection
  • File alteration
  • Burnt hard disk due to faulty electrical wiring
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Missing files and directories
  • The SD card and/or the HDD can’t be accessed
  • Corrupted partitions (HFS, FAT32 and NTFS)
  • Faulty hard drive (it gets no power, the motor is blocked or issues abnormal noises)
  • Bad sectors

Trust E-Valve Technologies when it comes to data recovery

We highly advise our customers to refrain from attempting to recover the lost data themselves, if you don’t possess the necessary qualifications and equipment. Take note that any failed attempt to extract data from defective drives considerably reduces the chances of a successful recovery.

Regardless of the reason why the data was lost, it is in your company’s best interest to request professional support. E-Valve Technologies offers 24-hour help desk support and places a handful of consultants at your disposal to answer any questions regarding our services. Talk to us and find out more!

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