Bigger Businesses Don’t Have Much To Worry About

It’s easy to assume that retailers should place most of their IT support Manhattan investments in securing and backing up their larger stores. But this is a common misconception that usually ultimately ends up hurting the retailer. The truth of the matter is that larger stores are actually less likely to experience downtime, and if they do, it is far less likely to cause lasting damage to the store itself. It also doesn’t usually affect the customer experience in any noticeable way.


Why Smaller Businesses Must Be More Careful

Smaller stores on the other hand run the risk of going out of business if they do not take proper care of their network. At the end of the day, larger businesses have more to lose, but they also have more to fall back on. For example, if a device or two happens to crash at any given point, a larger company with more resources will most likely have another device that can absorb the functionality of those that have gone down. Smaller businesses, however, do not have this option. They are a lot more vulnerable and have far less wiggle space during recovery stages. If a device crashes, a series of other problems will follow, and the store owner will undoubtedly feel it.


Customer Loyalty Matters Less With Smaller Companies

The unfortunate truth is that customers are not sympathetic people. They will bring their business to the company that can provide the best quality with the most possible convenience. People don’t like to travel and they don’t like to think or do research. They want what they want and they expect it to be readily available for them upon arrival to your store. As soon as they see a sign that they are not receiving the attention and customer service that they feel they deserve, they will have no problem moving on to the next available option.


In The IT Age IT Problems Hit Everyone Eventually

IT issues are an impending problem for all businesses small and large. It is a burden we all have to deal with, to varying degrees. In today’s modern age, there’s really no getting away from it. What separates the small businesses that last from those that don’t is how well they prepare. It also depends on how skilled are the experts they hire to monitor, maintain, and repair in case of a problem.


Let Us Help

So if you are running a small business, be it in retail or anything else that requires an online presence or any form of technological functionality, you’re going to want to surround yourself with the kinds of IT specialists who know what they’re doing. E-Valve Technologies is an IT support Manhattan based company with enough experience to prevent the most dangerous of cyber security threats and to address the most severe IT network failures, hardware repairs, and more. Give us a call today at 646-564-3636 to set up an appointment.

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