Business technology companies come in all types and sizes. They’re not all bad, but they’re not all good either. Some are fantastic and understand how to leverage IT solutions to transform business processes.

Here’s a quick primer on the various IT support companies that you will generally find as you shop around.

  • The Big Box Store Computer Guys – These computer repair individuals deal mostly with consumer (home) computers, tablets and smartphones. They generally don’t do anything with networks, and you have to bring your hardware to them and leave it with them while they do whatever maintenance or repairs are required.
  • The Mobile Franchise Computer Guys – These IT fix-it technicians are part of a chain of computer repair outlets. They are mobile and serve the basic IT support needs of the residential and micro business.
  • The Independent Computer Repair Guy – This individual is all on his own and has his own business. Very often, he works with small businesses that cannot afford the services of higher level professionals. Unfortunately, the Independent Computer Repair Guy often doesn’t have the appropriate training, insurance coverage, or dependability needed for small business IT support in the long term.
  • The Break/Fix IT Professionals – This category of IT support company utilizes the break/ fix model in which they will show up and set up, maintain, or repair your IT assets when called. Their services are generally based on an hourly rate plus materials used.
  • The Managed IT Services Professionals – This IT support team utilizes a business model that provides continuous IT support in return for a monthly subscription fee. The Managed IT Services model puts the IT professional on the side of the business owner in that the Managed IT Services company is at its most profitable when they keep the business technology of their client company running without interruption.

What Are Your Questions About Moving To A New IT Support Company?

E-Valve Technologies believes that an educated and informed client is a happy client.

So what do you need to know?

Do you need overall support and want to know what we include in our Managed Services offering?

Check it out!

Do you need 24/7/365 support that keeps your servers working and your auto backups working automatically?

It’s hard to get the kind of minute-to-minute IT support your business requires without going the route of Managed IT Services. An in-house IT employee has to take vacations, personal days, holidays, and sick days. A break/fix contractor – even on retainer – isn’t interested in a continuous monitoring and maintenance scenario, because their money is made in fixing broken technology – not keeping your technology working.

Do you need to connect multiple remote offices or provide technology and support to workers across the globe?

For businesses that operate in various locations in one region or globally, it’s essential to have someone on your side that will take care of everything from the employees Office 365 subscriptions and email to automating their data backup and answering their IT questions.

Connecting multiple offices and supplying IT support to remote employees is what the E-Valve Technologies team does every day! We harness the power of cloud applications, virtualization, and mobile technology to give remote locations and employees the functionality they need to get the job done.

Are you looking to make a switch to a new IT support provider in the next 30 days?

Transitioning from one IT support provider to another doesn’t have to be difficult. With your permission, the IT management professionals of E-Valve Technologies will work with your current IT support provider to ensure a seamless transition for you and your team.

Why do we go to such lengths in onboarding a new client?

Because we don’t want you to have even a minute of downtime or uncertainty during the transition from one IT support provider to another.

We will work with you and your current IT help to ensure that both workflow and billing cycles work for your business.

Do you need industry-specific IT support that understands your industry’s processes and how technology facilitates those processes?

The IT support professionals of E-Valve Technologies have made the investment of time and resources to become experts in supporting the technologies of:

  • Law Firms
  • Financial Institutions and Financial Advisors
  • Healthcare and Healthcare-related Business
  • Non-Profits and Charities
  • Small Business and Venture-Backed Startups

Do you want to know what our current long-term clients say about E-Valve Technologies?

Our team believes in building long-term, win-win relationships with the companies and business leaders that we serve! Check out what they’re saying about us.

“I called E-Valve from a Google search and it was the RIGHT DECISION. Professional, honest, and fair. Michael quickly diagnosed and fixed server issue in a narrow time window.” — Dermott Ryan

“E-Valve is very knowledgeable, easy to understand and communicate with. They always are quick on project completion and in resolving issues quickly resulting in minimal if at all downtime. They make my job so much easier and less stressful with EValve!” — Lisamarie Volino

“Michael has helped me with many IT problems for the last couple of years. He’s always quick to respond when an issue arises. He’s incredibly dedicated and passionate about his work.” — JoAnn DiLernia

Do you find the idea of switching IT support companies a little scary?

We understand! No one enjoys getting to know new people and getting used to a new IT support procedure.

We promise! Our friendly technicians will make the transition to the business technology care of E-Valve Technologies as easy as is humanly possible. With one call to the E-Valve team, you can be on your way through our six-step onboarding process and a higher level of IT maintenance and management!

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Published on 12th May 2018 by Michael Garrido.

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