Relatively speaking, it really was not so long ago that mobile devices were even a thing. Nowadays, practically every person in the developed world has a smartphone and by the looks of it, the coming years are going to be way crazier than the makers of Back To The Future could have ever imagined. In the next four years, an estimated 70% of the world’s population will have smartphone and 90% will have mobile broadband networks. That’s not even the half of it(There will most likely be a rise in IT consulting services. NYC is going to see a lot of incredible changes pretty soon). Here are just a few ways in which the actual, non-fictional, real life future is going to be just about the wildest thing you’ve ever heard of.


In 1965, Moore’s Law stated that the maximum number of transistors one would affordably be able to put into a computer chip doubles annually, effectively doubling the speed of computers with each year. Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore also said his law will max out due to the laws of physics in 2020. As it turns out, he was flat out wrong about that. Advances in computer speed apparently have no plans of slowing up any time soon.


In the coming years, “nanotechnology” will allow computer chips to be installed at molecular and even atomic sizes. At that rate, computers are expected to have the same intellectual capacity as humans within the next four years!


Consider the size of computers in each generation. In 1970, a computer took up an entire room. Twenty years later, you had your first desktop computer. Today, we have handheld devices with a larger capacity for information than some of the most advanced desktop computers in existence in the 90s. Take a look at your iPad and try to imagine, where can we go from here?


Well, Intel is now in the early stages of developing brain wave technology, which means in a matter of years, you quite possibly won’t even need a keyboard anymore, as you’ll be able to surf the web with your thoughts!


Of course, as it stands, we’re not quite there yet. We still need our computers to communicate. What a drag right? Well, if you’re having some issues with your device, E-Valve Technologies offers computer repair. NYC is never at a shortage of annoying little tech issues. We can make those issues disappear.


It’s a bit spooky to see just how close this technology is expected to enter our everyday lives. Four years really is not a long time for things that right now seem unfathomable. But that’s the rate at which the world changes nowadays, so we’re just going to have to adapt. Time to make nice with whatever AI shows up at our doorstep!
Technology is a part our lives. Plain and simple. Those who stay up on technological advances, and more importantly, keep their devices up and running to maximum capacity, will be the ones who excel in this world. At no point has it been more important to have solid, reliable IT consulting services. NYC will quite simply leave you in the dust if you refuse to get with the times. For more info on how to keep your devices up to speed, contact us at 646-564-3636 to set up an appointment with E-Valve Technologies.

Published on 7th March 2016 by admin.

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