The following is as good a reason as any for why you should contact trustworthy, reliable IT consulting services. NYC is not the only place, but is certainly prime real estate for malicious activity. If this hasn’t happened to you already, it probably has to one of your friends or relatives. You know that emergency message that pops up on your browser telling you that your computer has been infected with a virus, and that you must call this number immediately in order to fix your computer. You call the number and reach someone claiming to be tech support asking for your personal information and credit card number. Before you know it, you’re out 200 bucks or more, and are left with an aching suspicion that someone in some undisclosed part of the world now has access to your computer and personal info whenever they please. It happens. A lot. And it’s getting worse.

The latest scam is done by hijacking a user’s browser and taking them to malicious advertisements that redirect them to a page that says the users are being warned about infected computer files. But that’s not news. The latest methods involve what’s called ‘IP sniffing software’, which detects a user’s Internet Protocol (IP), and then takes it back to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is what is used to gain access to the Internet. Once they can figure out what the user’s ISP is, they put up a page with branding that is designed specifically to resemble that of the ISP of that particular user. Sometimes they can even activate a voice, which is known to spark anxiety among users, inspiring panic, which is better for the hackers.

What do they say? Something along the lines of, “You have malicious spyware on your computer, putting your passwords and credit card numbers at risk. You must call our certified specialists for assistance immediately.” The worst part is that the advertisement is designed to resemble your actual ISP. As a general rule of thumb, don’t ever make a call based on a pop up, because no real tech support company will contact you this way.

Another small tip, if you really want to prevent this from ever happening (again) to you, you could greatly benefit from hiring credible, well known IT consulting services. NYC is as good a place as any for finding the highest of quality in IT support. At E-Valve Technologies, we take care of our customers, and we will never contact you through your browser. One reason people also feel inspired to call the number on the pop up is because they are fooled into thinking they’re saving money, often times because repairs at the PC or Apple store are always jacked up. With E-Valve Tech, you won’t have the problem. We offer the best prices for the best services. Ready to take the leap? Give us a call today at 646-564-3636, or feel free to contact us online. Today’s the day you make your computer safe again.

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