If you own a PC and are without security precautions, you are at risk. If you are running a small business without the necessary small business IT support Manhattan is known for, your entire company, along with the information of all of your employees could be in jeopardy. And that doesn’t necessarily mean just running with whatever they installed when you bought your computer. We’re here to tell you that there’s more to it. Cyber attacks take place worldwide by the minute. But by taking certain preventative steps, you can keep those viruses at bay. Here’s the best antivirus software available this year (so far).


AVG: The program, Antivirus Guard (AVG) offers two main versions of protection. You have Free, which offers basic security like anti-spyware, phishing protection, spam filters, etc. This is good for an individual. But for a company, you may want to look into using Pro, which takes your safety from perpetrators several steps further. It includes all of the perks of the Free version, but to a much higher degree. It also has heightened security features for Internet use. That includes better monitors for anytime something is downloaded, which is one of the easiest and most common ways that hackers manage to infiltrate a system. But above all, the best aspect of AVG is its advanced encryption features, specifically for passwords. Even if someone manages to get into the system, they would not get very far because of this additional security.


Avast: Like AVG, you have several options, each a bit tighter in security than the last. There’s the Essential, the Advanced, and the Complete. Essential is 100% free. Like AVG’s Free version, you’ll be provided all of the basic security one would want in a device. But sometimes that’s not enough. In that case, you’ll want to upgrade to the Advanced, which has heightened Internet security. You’re probably thinking this sounds pretty similar to AVG. Well it is. But the distinguishing factor is its efficiency. One of the biggest setbacks antivirus software can have on a system is the amount of space it takes up on the hard drive, effectively slowing everything down while it should be speeding it up. That won’t be a problem with Avast. For the most part, you’ll hardly even notice it’s there. But above all else, the best thing about Avast is that the company will never hand over your personal info to the government. That’s more than most companies can say, unfortunately.


Runners-up include McAfee, Webroot and Kaspersky. If you feel up to the task, you can install one of these yourself. But you could greatly benefit from the assistance of a professional. Simply put, small businesses are vulnerable. And it’s always worth the trouble to find the IT support Manhattan based companies can rely on. E-Valve Technologies is what you’re looking for. We operate all throughout New York City and in parts of New Jersey, servicing individuals and small companies throughout. We’re the best around and we’re happy to help. Give us a call today at 646-564-3636 and we’ll get started right away.

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