Because your laptop is a system like any other, chances are the screen can go black. And there are many reasons for this and it would be impossible for you to ascertain the exact cause of this problem by mere speculation. If it is your first time, you may want to call in a computer repair professional to help you in troubleshooting and getting the solution. But if you want to fix your laptop on your own, then here is a systematic procedure you can follow:

Computer crash

This is one of the reasons your screen goes black and it could occur due to many reasons. In this case, you are advised to take it to a computer repair shop where they will open up your machine to find the cause. It could be because your laptop is overheating or because there is a loose power supply cable. You may want to play an audio file, but if it does not play, then be sure that something is wrong with the system. Otherwise, it is just the screen that needs to be fixed.

Outdated programs and drivers

You should note that the video drivers are very important for making your laptop’s monitor function properly. But these programs can stop functioning on some occasions hence cause the screen problem. You are advised to constantly update your video drivers in order to avoid this problem. You want to spend a few of your bucks to get licensed drivers to avoid lots of unnecessary expenditure in future.

Virus attack

Some viruses can also cause the screen problem. The good news is that most antivirus software can deal with the virus effectively. You want to update your antivirus program regularly to help protect your laptop from troubles. One thing you should note is that these viruses affect your video drivers and they are likely to contaminate your video card.

Faulty data connections

Sometimes, loose connections may cause your laptop screen to black out. When data ribbons wear out or get loose, chances are high you will encounter the black screen situation. In this case, try and attach the laptop to an external monitor. If the display comes up, then know that the data ribbons are the cause of the problem. Have the ribbons replaced by an expert.

Overheating problems

Just like any other electronic device, your laptop can heat up especially when used excessively. And Overheating can lead to hardware malfunctions. You are advised not to use your laptop for long hours as the power cable is plugged in the socket. And for better cooling, try and get external laptop fan cases. You also want to switch off the laptop for a while so that it cools down, ready for more work.

FL inverter

Sometimes the screen may dim out gradually and your FL inverter could be the problem. Connect your laptop to an external screen to see if it can display, so you will know the problem is with FL inverter. If does not display, take the laptop to a technician. To avoid these and other problems, your laptop needs proactive maintenance. And handle it with care; don’t take it for granted!

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