A multi-layered defense strategy is what will help you fight cyber crime effectively. This will include fusing in strategies with technology and people in your workplace. You do not want to compromise cyber security with the mere lack of security awareness and with elements of simple human error. In this regard, here are some cyber security tips to help you stay protected as you work.

Choose your passwords correctly

Many a times in the past, cyber security has been compromised because of the wrong choice of password. Perhaps, the reason behind why many people made use of passwords like ‘ABCDEF’ and ‘123456’ is the fact that these ones are memorable thus will not give them a hard time accessing the system. However, these also give hackers an easier way to access pertinent data in the workplace.

This does not merely compromise personal accounts but would also open the business up for a wide array of vulnerabilities. It is always good to combine alpha-numeric characters with special symbols when creating your password. Change these passwords frequently too.


Always instruct your employees to use HTTPS when visiting websites so that the data stays encrypted. By using HTTPS, you can also be sure that the website is a verified one, and not a fake site that is set up to compromise your access.

Work with a reliable cloud computing provider

When you archive important business documents online with a cloud computing service, make sure that the cloud hosting provider you are going for is a reliable one. This will ensure that your business documents stay safe from prying eyes.

Always open email attachments with caution

Do not open an email attachment if you think it looks suspicious. The email address of the sender might give you clues as to whether it is a spam mail or a mail with malicious software hidden. Some can even track essential business information with a mere click of a link in that mail. In fact, there are instances when these hackers also make use of names of your colleagues to fool you. If you want to make sure, it would always be best to ask the sender about the suspicious mail you received from them. Also, make sure that you keep messages that are relevant for your business and don’t use your work email for personal purposes.

Do not access your workplace network when using public WiFi connections

There are times when you cannot avoid but bring work on the go with you, especially when you are traveling abroad. When this is the case, you may need to work in a coffee shop or any public place where WiFi is accessible. If you want to make sure your work information is kept safe at all times, it would be better to just save any file that is needed for your workload rather than accessing these files in public places where WiFi is available.

You can also make use of IT consulting services that will help you manage crucial information for your business in the best way possible. And in the unfortunate event that your business experiences a cyber security breach, seek disaster recovery services immediately to avoid further damages.

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