So what happens when Google Doc credentials are leaked on the web? A security company recently did a test to see how hackers would react. The findings weren’t surprising at all to see how quickly data can be leaked.

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Bitglass, which specializes in cloud-based security, created an identity for an employee of a nonexistent bank. Some of the details he included were real credit card details and corporate and personal data. Bitglass tagged the tracker so he could see exactly who accessed the site. He showed people how easy it is for a hacker to steal data without you even knowing. He also created a fake banking account which they accessed as well. Scary isn’t it?

The experiment was designed to see what would happen if somebody had their credentials lost or stolen in a cyber attack. He then leaked important information to dangerous websites where cybercriminals are known to be. It wasn’t surprising that Google Drive credentials were used very quickly in the first day. The following day, the hacker attempted to enter the fake site 5 times. It’s amazing how easy it is for hackers to access your important information right?

After only 2 days, the hacker already had downloaded important files on Google Drive. Most of the hackers that successfully logged in, tried to use the same details to access more of the victim’s information. 12% of those who accessed Google Drive tried to download the sensitive files there, and one actually managed to open the encrypted file.

Bitglass conducted an experiment very similar to this one about a year ago. He found that people accessing the tagged documents rarely used the network Tor AKA “The Onion Router”.

However, this year 68 percent of those who accessed the Google Drive account used Tor. That means that about 68% of people didn’t take the proper precautions to protect their real IP address. The finding demonstrates that hackers are becoming more conscious about getting caught. Bitglass also found that most of the hackers come from Russia.

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