These little devices hold a tremendous amount of information, so it’s best you take good care of them. They’re not invincible, meaning as soon as you mistreat them they will surely punish you. However, in the event that your USB is not functioning properly, there is a variety of potential sources to the problem and not all of them are irreversible. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may have to do one of several things. Here is a brief summary of what the issue could be and what to do in order to fix it.


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If you have successfully plugged in your USB but your computer does not recognize it, one quite likely reason is your computer’s driver. In most cases, your computer will read the device and automatically locate the necessary driver so you can plug and play with no problems. However, this is assuming your computer is full updated. So if your computer does not recognize the device, your first course of action should be to make all the necessary updates.


Most USBs come with a disc, so if it is your USB that is not functioning properly, then the next step should be to dig up the packaging and find that disc so you can install the necessary driver. If it isn’t yours, then contact the original owner to see if they still have the disc lying around.


If there’s no disc, check the website of the USB’s manufacturer, where you should be able to download a driver from the Internet. You’ll most likely find it in the Support section of the website. Make sure the version you download is compatible with your computer. And that’s not just for whether it’s PC or Mac, it’s also what version you have, hence why updates are crucial.


You can also always call directly to the manufacturer’s office to speak with a human, although they will likely not be able to help you as effectively as if you were to call one of the best IT Consulting Firms in NYC.


If you have a PC, you may have to install a new driver manually. If you’re up for a challenge, you can always check online to figure how to DIY. Of course there is always the option of calling IT support in Manhattan and getting computer repair in NYC for the right price.


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