At no other point in history have tech skills been so widely sought after as they are today. Ever since the rise of the tech industry, companies of all industries have been on the hunt for dependable IT specialists at an unprecedented rate. The high demand has led to high salaries, the median of which was a bit under $85,000 in 2012 (it has quite likely increased substantially since then). However, with the high demand, there will soon also be high supply, which means competition to land a solid job doing IT consulting services in NYC is on the rise. Nevertheless, that should not discourage you. If you think you’ve got what it takes, here’s what you need to know in order to land a solid and long lasting job as one of the city’s top IT consultants. NYC could use another expert, so have at it.


Salaries are skyrocketing as we speak and the jobs are abundant. Unemployment amongst IT consultants is reportedly between 1 and 3%. And a position at a senior level can pay up to $150,000 a year! That’s because as the world gets more connected, high efficiency at low costs grows more important with each day. For some industries, it is quite simply an imperative aspect for their survival in the private sector. Just so long as you can handle the pressure of being tasked with all the problems your clients presumably were unable to resolve on their own, the money will be well worth the trouble.


Skills To Pursue

Bear in mind what would inspire a company to seek IT support. Manhattan has so much happening at all times of the day but everything is also expensive. It would thus make sense to assume they would seek help only when it is to do something that stretches beyond the expertise of the lay computer user. Therefore, your job is to have enough knowledge and understanding on the latest technological advances, as those will be the kinds of things that companies will want to seek help for.


Other valuable skills include solid problem solving ability and a willingness to collaborate with others to find a solution. These are most often the kinds of things that show in one’s history, so if you have any background, keep notes on your accomplishments. If you’re just starting off, keep an eye out for companies that have trial projects to see how well you perform as part of the hiring process. They are tough, but are also a great way to get your foot in the door.


A Few Setbacks To Consider

IT consulting is not without its flaws. While it pays well, the hours can be grueling and the work can be tireless. That pertains as much to the training as it does to the actual work in the field. It can be draining at times, and most importantly, it is not terribly stable. That is, if you underperform, it is all too easy for you to be replaced in a day’s time.


But in any case, the money is good, and if you’re good, you can take those skills with you to any which side of the world and live comfortably. If you think you can handle it, then go for it. If you think it might sound like a bit much for you, you are always welcome to seek out professional IT consultants. NYC has some of the strongest IT support in the business. To find out more about how E-Valve Technologies can help you with our IT services, contact us now at 646-564-3636.

Published on 5th March 2016 by admin.

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